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Dog Handler Course

I'm in the RAC (Based in Germany), and will be Going on a Dog handler course within the next few weeks, will be getting JI's soon but i'm eager to know before hand.

Can Any RAVC guru tell me, whether ill be in the UK for this and how long the course is?


If Melton Mowbray, take TV, dvd Player etc. Good accn, mixed by the way but en suite ablutes!! The course is heavy on theory, so expect to have your brain fried with MLA's and acronyms coming out of your ying yang. The course is enjoyable, but if you get a good 'pool' dog its even better. Its against the rules, but when introduced to the dog have a cookhouse sausage in your pocket. Give him a little bit. Everytime he performs, make a massive fuss of him, and drop him a bit o' snag. It gets him on side quick. Be sparing with the treats though and only use them as a reward, the dog is not your pet he is a tool, to protect you and others.The Baiters course is better, less theory more fun. Dress appropriately for the weather (DUH!) you will be stood around outside or patrolling at a slow pace for hours then running round like a cnut, so be able to don/doff and vent warm kit. Take your day sack with you to the school, which is about a 1k from the Accn. Sorry if I have taught you to suck eggs.
And Tubes have got rid of gas lanterns and replaced them with new fangled 'Eleck-tricimity' or some such!! Still not invested in a floor bumper or carpet cleaner though!!
If Melton Mowbray, take TV, dvd Player etc. Good accn, mixed by the way but en suite ablutes!!

What was wrong with the perfectly good wooden huts? A, B and of course the famous 'C' Block..............happy days!!!!
those quality huts where if you lit a candle the draft through the windows blew it out, the morning walk of so many blokes from C block back to A block, as for the NAAFI, happy memories. Spec courses taking on the donkey wollapers in B block. Top camp, a place like no other in the history of the british army. Dogs

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