Dog Handler (civvy qualifications) sorry if this is in the wrong section

Im patiently waiting for April 2011 for the Dog Handler recruitment to 'mabye open' and was told that if i went and got myself qualifications reconised in civvy street, i would find it a lot easier being accepted in for this specific trade.

Sounds great, and its something i am eager to hopefully gain, but every way i turn im being told you can only become a reconised Dog Handler/ Trainer in the Police, RAF and Army. Surely this is not right? I was also told by the Army lad at the Glasgow recruitment centre that i would need to join the Infantry and specialize from there... :-s

Could one of you guys mabye let me know which qualifications you gain in the Dog Handler trade, or whilst in training so that i have a better idea of what im searching for? Just any info really so that i can try and look up actual training courses for specific qualifications..

I am ex-RAF Regiment and left to re-trade into the Army as a Dog Handler...only for the bloody recruitment to grind to a halt......typical!

Thanks all, and again sorry if this is in the wrong section

Sorry, i meant to say that all the courses i have found along the Dog Trainer lines are online not too confident that gaining a diploma via an online course would stand up as a real qualification?
Hi, I applied to be a dog handler/trainer and I have my selection board on 25/26th this month. It has been hard to get to this stage and taken nearly 18 months.

When I first when to the afco and said I wanted to go for dog handler/trainer I was told not to bother and to choose something else as hardly anyone gets in but I wasnt taking no for an answer and said I at least wanted to try. I have done fairly well at every stage of the process but to be honest I think the only reason I have got this far is because I have worked with dogs for 6 years.

The qualification you gain in the RAVC is NVQ level 2 in animal care with a possiblity of getting level 3 I think. I was lucky to be able to gain the level 2 NVQ through my current job which I think has also helped me a lot. I did my NVQ through the College of Animal Welfare so you may want to have a look at thier website.

Don't know if i've been any help at all but if you have anymore questions i'll do my best to answer them if I can.

Yeah i have been waiting a while too. since May 2008, over 2 years :O ... i studied for a National diploma in Animal management in that time and signed on to the armys FE bursary scheme aswell as gaining work experience in several veterinary surgeries and animal recruiter said if it wasnt for these he would not reccommend going for dog handler!
What makes you think recruitment has closed until april? i know there are 9 places in March 2011 for males if that helps...the army will always need dog handlers, just not hundreds at a time. Try volunteering at a boarding kennels for 6 months to a year for the experience...then when you go back you have something to back you up.
Sometimes its not about the experience...its about you, and your understanding of dogs.
I would join as a RMP and then you can go into dog handing.
I dont think you can do that anymore, the only way to become a dog handler/trainer in the army is through the Royal Army Veterinary corp. other regiments can take a course in dog handling, but it would not mean they are an actual dog handler by trade.

I have recently been asked to attend a 2nd interview (Which I am assuming will be to get to know me a little better, background info and information on the choices I have received booklets on). I was hoping if anyone knew of any possible advice they could possibly share?
I think the bloke who interviewed me initially was a little shocked at my BARB score and the qualifications I had when he saw them. I am hopefully looking into going into Dog Handling and I am fully aware that there are limited places, like within any of the Forces.
The recruiter told me that (before he saw my qualifications) that I needed to have had experience working with animals as they were extremely picking about the people they choose to get onto the Dog handling training. But he said he would raise a case for me as technically I was "Over qualified" than most people that apply for that specific role.
I am just 21 and female so i'm kinda hoping that this wont have any influence on who they choose etc. Not that it would? >.<
I'm a tad nervous about the fitness test also.. My friend flew through it and I'm hoping to do the same!

Hope to hear from someone soon as my interview is on the 20th of this month! Next week! Argghhh!


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