Dog Handler, Careers choices???

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by midlandsboy101, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. I am putting in my application within the next couple of weeks and have put dog handler as my first choice from what research i have done i have gathered that it is quite a hard job to get into is this true?? :?

    My second choice is for the royal amoured corps in 1 of the tank regiments but have not done as much research into this career does anyone have any info on the matter :?:
  2. I believe it's more a case of not many positions to fill
  3. It's possible to become a dog handler by applying for dog handler duties whilst serving with any regiment or corps. The job that I think you are referring to is dog trainer within the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. Have a look at the army website for details. It's true that there are a limited amount of vacancies because I believe that the corps at present has approx. 130 members. (This figure includes the horsey types).

    However, if you have the necessary drive and enthusiasm, coupled with that intangible quality that one needs for working with animals, you could do worse than apply for a dog trainer job within the RAVC.

    Only you know what you want. What I will say, however, is that a dog trainer's life is seldom boring and there are a great bunch of potential mates in a lovely part of the world. (Melton Mowbray)
  4. Quite possibly, that was the best thread-killing post I've ever attempted to read. Forgive me if I don't quote it in my signature block though. C0ck.
  5. Wot he said.

  6. Yeh i did mean dog trainer, thanks for the info i will see what they say when they get back to me about my app hopefully there are enough places and i get acepted but if not i would apply for dog handler duties


    duno what that post was all about before :roll:
  7. dogfondler, are you ex or serving vet corp ? :D
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  9. Thanks for that Auld-Yin, very good. I wonder if Stumpys handler is on the the ADU NI site. Fell free to click my link below and look in the Dog Tails. My name was Soapy Souter (still is, :roll: ) and wrote a few of my adventures on the site, cheers.
  10. I've been in the Vet corps now for 3 years, transfered from 1 para back in 2006 and haven't looked back. It's a cracking job and the chances you get to manage your career are always there. If you're still considering it and have any Q's mate just ask.

    And just for the record you join as a handler and after min of 18 months you hopefully get put forward for your class 2 tainers course. And i think the last time we had 130 or so in the corps was 1957. There is the DAC in melton where all dog courses are held and 4 operational units with a fith starting in April.
  11. I was going to put dog traininer has my second choice but my recruiter basicly said dont bother cause its really hard to get in and they picked HR and Finance lol. i diddent even know what that was. Im sticking with my 1st choice anyways.
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    Did I miss something?
  13. Same as me i went in the office and they said its hardly worth applying as there are hardly any places for it and basicaly told me i should do something else
  14. Yes it is a hard job to get in to but by having the right drive and determination then you can make it. I have just been accepted in to the vet Corp as a dog handler and am on my way to basic soon. If you got expirence with dogs and work well with animals, good fittness the right interview techniques then you should have a problem. There are only limited space but if ya good enough then they will have ya. But you may have to wait a long time. I started applying nearly a year ago and have just got excepted. They to say it's 2% pass rate. So it's always worth a shot. Train hard and learn the job.
  15. I seem to remember the number being around 130 during the early/mid nineties; how many are there now?

    Also. do you not do a class 3 course after your basic handler and baiters course?

    Final question: is the Pleasuredome still in the Senny Strip? :wink: