Dog Handler as a reserve

Hi, I have been interested in a job as a dog handler for a long time and gave up the idea as going full time in the army as a dog handler when I got engaged to my girlfriend. I've been thinking about reserve work and looked on the role page on the army website and a lot of the information shown isn't what I'm after. I know it will be easier to go to a recruitment centre but I thought that I'd check on here first... the main thing that I want to know is;

As a full-time dog handler, you'll be stationed with soldiers across the world when they are deployed. How does this work as part-time? Are you only called when needed? Will I be stationed with the soldiers for less time than full-time? No one I know has been a soldier or anything like that so I really don't know much other than what's on the army website.

Any help will be great!

Thank you in advance!!!

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