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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Cider_Glider, May 7, 2007.

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  1. Let me start by saying that I know this maybe in the wrong place but I couldnt think of anywhere else to post, so MODs please move if required.

    Right, my friend, and yes i have real friends, wants to join the RAVC as a dog handler, I did try and persuade him to go for my beloved Corps but to no avail. Anywho, he went to the ACIO and asked about such a career, and the answer was 'We have never got anyone in to that as we arent told when the board sits'. Now from what i know that pertains to the vet side as opposed to the dog handler trade as i new a few blokes in training who were going for dog handlers and they never mentioned a selection.

    So can someone please give a definitive answer as to whether there is a 'board' for dog handlers, or whether the nice man in the ACIO is talking out of his hoop?

    Thanks for you help!

    CG - scutteling back to the Int Corps forum with haste!!

  2. The board sits when someone tells em to?

    sorry, coat is on, leaving now...
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  3. It's been ten years since I left Melton, but I have never heard of a board.

    Should be a normal application, onto Lichfield and then Melton for the B3.

    By the way, the surefire way to upset a RAVC trainer is to call him/her a dog handler.

    Two different jobs. trainers can handle, but handlers can't train.

    The RAVC trade is Dog Trainer, handlers are generally volunteers from other regts.

    Like I said though, its been ten years so a lot can change.
  4. I was told this was a small corps and therefore hard to get into is that also true?

  5. the applications for trade transfers to be RAVC dog handlers is unbelievable, it is a very popular trade. Good luck though, hes up against a lot of competition.
  6. :clown:
    in my formative years, it has been suggested i went out with more than my fair share of canine lookers, and there are the photos to prove it... :oops:
  7. Just to clarify for anyone who looks at this post that YES there is a PSO board which you must attend and pass. This is on top of your Pre-Selection and Selection.

    This involves Fitness (1.5 mile run - under 10:30, 44 Press ups and 50 Sit ups (tho these are best effort)... Also a few demonstrations and an hour long interview (average)... This is over a 2 day period.

    This year 16 people got taken on as Dog Trainers so the competition is fierce! And woohoo for me as i was one of them.
  8. The board sits when someone tells em to?

    sorry, coat is on, leaving now...[/quote]

    Brilliant, just brilliant!!! :clap:
  9. I was one of those 'volunteers' and did 3 years with the ADU NI, started with an interview then basic guard dog handlers course, then eventually posted to the ADU. Once in the job you can apply or be picked to do your specialist course which was 3 months. The dog is already trained, the RAVC train you to be a competent handler of that dog. Once operational, YOU, (the handler) do the continuation training with your dog, not the RAVC, therefore you are training the dog - over & out !
  10. Please check your PM for contact details for RAVC Recruiting


  11. me 2 :)
  12. hey guys im currently applying for the dog trainer/handler role and want to know what i can do to pass at the specialist interview....ill be attending in october or febuary so ill have time to prepare for it and hopefully pass with those off you that have :)
  13. Good Luck to your friend.... Lots of competition!

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