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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by X59, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. X59

    X59 LE

    Currently feeding my working cocker spaniels on 'James Wellbeloved complete food', which they're very happy with,and keeps them in good condition.

    A local old boy has suggested trying 'Autarky' (sp ?) complete as an alternative.

    The JW is £40 per 15kg bag, against £20 odd for 15 kg Autarky.

    Potential savings are good, but not prepared to sacrafice quality.

    Any views on this product ?

  2. James Wellbeloved is over-rated. Shit-lips (orange roan cocker - with a tail) is into Bakers Meaty at the moment. He picks and chooses sometimes.

    Sent from my living room waiting for HSBC to answer.
  3. I have a Novescotia Retreiver, fed on fresh mince, a little pasta and cooked peas and carrots mixed in.

    Not only does he love the stuff, my vet said he hasnt seen a dog with a nicer coat, better teeth or as reletively healthy!

    Its cheap too! A slab of mince at 3 euro, pasta cost feck all and the veg is frozen. Honestly in total about 6 euro feeds him for 3 days.............

    Just a thought!
  4. Dr John
    Working dog food comes in Silver and Gold editions
    Royal seal on it too. My hounds seem to get on well on it.
    Worth a go at 9 quid a bag even to bulk out the more expensive stuff.
  5. I'm training and working a 1yr old Sproker Spaniel from working cocker mum and springer dad. I've experimented on various foods and mixes and even looked into the barf diet, but logisticly it was just a bit too much of a push. Chester is now settled on a dry mix, skinners champion, which is working well, great levels of protien and at £20 a bag, is good price too. I'm happy with it, he's got boundless energy and his performance hasn't changed with the new mix.
  6. My Chas, 11yr old crossbreed and gorgeous, loves all food!

    James Wellbeloved has very small lumps so he tends to eat it quick I have him on Wafcol Salmon & potato bigger lumps last longer.
  7. X59

    X59 LE

    Top tips. Thanks folks.

    Your Chas would eat his own head if he could.

    My truffles is into apples at the moment.
  9. If they are necking food quickly spread it out on a flat surface like an oven tray.
  10. Surprisingly Chappie is very good. Lots of vets recommend it for nutritional values and low fat content. I currently have two ex breading bitches that came with a lot of health issues. Feed them on Chappie and a bit of mince or chicken, maybe a bit of rabbit if I have been lucky. Never had the squirts on the stuff. I was unsure at first but good stuff.
    Btw. Ever have trouble getting tablets down a dog? sometimes even crushing in the food doesn't work. I use "value" chicken roll slices. Think it may be the smell of the stuff hides tablet smell (judging by the odour when you open the packet ugh). they love the taste and you get the tab down when it is placed in side.

    Ho and last dog loved bananas. Dog before that brandy!
  11. I found that unless you are working the dogs really hard that Dr Johns Gold made them go hyper. The Silver is great though
  12. Pea nut butter works for my two black labs, the live licking the roofs of their mouths after.
  13. You can put anything down the neck of a black lab, so trusting. Springers are a bit more suspicious. Scheaming gits that they are.
  14. Feed my Cairn and Patterdale a raw diet of vegetables, beef mince, pork ribs, chicken wings, thighs and drumsticks and any cheap cuts of meat including offal. Costs about £10 a week for them both. I would think twice though if they were large dogs due to the cost.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well with 13 spaniels you would think I would know a bit about feeding them bbut I'm always learning. Barf diet when available, Davies Ranger when I'm flush and Chudleys when I'm not. I tend to look for sponsorship deals as well so I often get trial packs sent in. Usually about £40+ per sack but once its gone I dont order it.
    I know a few canine dietitians working for dog food firms. we meet at Game Fairs and usually they are offering something new. Most of the time they are right but if the dog doesnt need all that energy it will put of fat. That is apart from 2 brother springers I have who I weaned onto adult food too soon. They are rakes at the moment after a hard season so I dont mind them piling a few pounds on (if only) and I will see if their weight changes this summer!