Dog Feces Removal Germany

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by JonnyAlpha, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. Hello, can't find anywhere else to post this so here goes. In Germany where do you dispose of dog feces in Germany. I am posted to Fallingbostel, walked the dog this morning and couldn't find any dog bins so have bagged it up and left it under my car at the mo.

  2. The Bin.
  3. I have a lovely thought of you standing there with your own personal little stash of your dog's dark materials, phone in hand, waiting patiently for the Continental faecal-legal experts of ARRSE to tell you where you might deposit your precious.
  4. Turkish people's mail slots.
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  5. No need to do anything. Just wait till someone reports the 'suspicious package' and the ATO blows shit all over your car.
  6. This is probably how Mr.Trebus started out.
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  7. Any bin in the street?
  8. Well, your own would be better, unless you shove all your rubbish in other peoples bins? Just thought its Sunday Morning and im using the internet to talk about Dog shite, living the dream i am.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Restmull, black or grey coloured bin.
  10. To set your mind at ease, I am Sat in bed with a cup of tea.
  11. Cheers, oh by the way not in my quarter yet hence the question.
  12. Syrian Army moves into Damascus...
    Lives lost in Cruise Ship Disaster...
    Whet still unemployed...
    RBS pays massive Bonus...
    Argies getting a little worked up...
    Earthquakes, Floods, Tornados...
    Thousands on Breadline...

    And this daft sod is worried about a bag of Dogshit...
    Leave it anywhere, the whole of Fally is a shithole, anyway!
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  13. Cool, there's one just outside. Thanks
  14. Amazing, this is the quickest response to any post I've ever had, must be an interesting subject.
  15. So your posts are normally duller than dogshit, then?
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