Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by commander, Jun 2, 2007.

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  1. We have been told that due to the lack of cadets joining DofE the Commadant will reduce a detachment grading of above standard to up to standard if 10% of det are not doing DofE. Anyone else had this vastly unfair threat played on them. Surely if you have cadets attending and they are smart and doing what is expected of them the fact that they have no desire to do DofE should not be held against them :x
  2. i actually think its a very good idea and should be extended to include BTEC aslo. to be honest its not that hard to get a cadet to do doe when you tell them the advantages,

    remember the inspection is not just about the cadets being smart, but the whole detachment, admin, recruiting etc that is taken into account
  3. I appreciate that it is about other things than turnout the point is that if you dont have cadets with paid up fees for dofE why should you be penalised if all the other parts of an inspection are 100%. its like saying that not enough of one ethnic group have joine the police, so must make more effort, if they dont want to join they will not. Still thanks for the reply even if i do disagree :)
  4. Commander,

    Whilst I fully support the ACF aspiration to stretch the kids that little bit further by getting greater take up on D of E (one incidentally that I think you should embrace whole-heartedly as it can only have a positive impact upon your det) the means by which this is being 'encouraged' is flawed, and on that aspect I agree with you.

    On a different note keep up the good work - great to see people like you giving up their time to sp ACF.

  5. I was an Air Cadet rather than ACF but DofE was one of our core activities. I think the expedition element alone means that it should be at the heart of your training programme encompassing as it does: Map reading, physical fitness, initiative, planning, leadership, field skills, self-sufficiency, and so on.
    These are all attributes that I'm sure you desire to inculcate in your cadets so why not do so through D of E?
    I agree that your CoC's approach to encouraging you is a bit more stick than carrot but I think his sentiment is correct.
  6. I do agree with the sentiment of this being a threat, i believe it would probably be more appropriate for someone higher up the food chain to produce guidlines for the whole acf what the difference for below standard standard and above standard should be and i personally think that this should include take up rate of DofE and BTEC etc

    also only getting reduced from above standard to standard doesnt as far as i know have any effect on the detachment itself (other than morale), it would not be under threat of closure etc
  7. As an Award officer within and outside of the ACF I feel that you should politely point the Commandant in the in the direction of the Award handbook, and In Action Together ( The ACF Award booklet) that clearly states the Award is a voluntary commitment, no one should be forced or coerced into joining neither should units take an extra fee when cadets join and automatically enrol cadets in the Award.

    However the other side of the coin is that all cadets should be activley encouraged to enrol in the Award as the Award & the APC Syllabus mirror each other and if the adults have a knowledge of this the cadet should easily flow through both.

    If I can be of any assistance PM me
  8. Thanks for the replies, I do not discourage any cadet that wishes to take part in DofE and appreciate the advantages in taking part, but it is voluntary and feel that if a det has worked hard at everything else then is deserves its grade and not to be knocked down. We actually provide one of the DofE adults so we are not against it.

    Thanks for the info Sapperted.
  9. Surely it is the inspecting officer who actually fills in the report on your Detachment and with this being the case they grade you as they find you on the day or does the Commondant do your inspections?
    As previously stated al Cadets should be activly encouraged to join the DOE as for the most part they have to do very little as it runs alongside the ACF Syllabus with only the expedition to be done extra.

    By paying for the cadets to join from detachment funds this would alleviate the problem as the Cadets are enrolled and as they pass theie APC syllabus they can be accredited with it on the DOE book.

    Everyone then see's your Detachment as activley partcipating in the scheme.

    when all else fails use the system to your advantage.
  10. Yes Inspecting officer fills in report and gives grade, we are inspected internaly one year and by Brigade the next. The Commadant has been known to change the grade though (both ways) There are ways around this problem but it is the principle of do this or else that i find hard to accept.
  11. it may be voluntary, but seeing as all passes etc are put in the cadet reporter, it then becomes a benchmark for counties and as such means cash in the kitty, so detachments are "encouraged" to enrol their cadets in it (in our county under pain of death :D )
  12. Banshee,

    If thats the case dont forget you can also put down youngsters who have passed the Award outside of the ACF by simply giving them the brassard badge when they bring in proof as nowhere does it ask if they have completed the award through the ACF. In fact on the Intro to the Award courses we encourage participants to do some subjects outside of the ACF to gain a broader spectrum of life.

    PM me if you want anymore info