Does violence travel?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. DENVER (AP) — Fort Carson soldiers returning from deployment in Iraq are suspects in at least five slayings, and officials want to know why.
    Commander Maj. Gen. Mark Graham announced Friday a task force will examine any commonalities in the five killings, all committed in Colorado, allegedly by soldiers from the post's 4th Brigade Combat Team in the past 14 months. A sixth BCT soldier faces an attempted murder charge.
    "We have many great young Americans in our Army who have volunteered to serve during a time of war, almost all of whom are great citizens," Graham said in a statement. "However, we too are very concerned about these horrible acts."
    Fort Carson also plans to re-screen about 1,200 soldiers from the brigade for potential physical or mental health problems.

    Maybe the vaunted US arrangements for screening and dealing with PTSD are not working as they should?
  2. mmm, having watched 'In the Valley of Elah' last night i was a bit annoyed of hollywoods (and not just them the BBC too) vision of ex soldiers as psycho crazed killers. Would be intersesting to see what comes of any study.
  3. Or maybe it is down to the policy of offering convicted criminals an opportunity to join the Armed Forces instead of doing time? Or a combination of both?
  4. Not just psycho-crazed killers, but psycho-crazed killers for life. That's not just Hollywood. That's American society. And that attitude drifts over to us.

    When do you ever read about people fully recovering from PTSD? I can't even find any bloody studies about that. No one even seems to ask the damn question. Once you have PTSD, you carry a mark of Cain until you die.
  5. Not quite so.
  6. Go on....

    BTW, I meant society thinks you carry the mark. Because my point is that you can make a full recovery.
  7. Then I agree with you.