Does this surprise anyone?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. It comes as no surprise but it is still a damning indictment of our Government that it doesn't provide adequate funds to treat all affected personnel and to provide research money to try to find an ounce of prevention. The current situation is disgraceful and should not be allowed to continue, this Nation owes it's servicemen and women the best support available.
  2. I realise PTSD has become a bit of a hot potato, at least these days the symptoms are being treated, when the trouble kicked off in NI in september68 the kings were sent out there, 18 year old kids were coming back with the screaming heeby jeebies, unfit for anything and left to the tender mercies of the drill staff and RPs, I poor guy went absent was living wild in the schaumburger wald for nearly a year unable to speak suffering from a total breakdown, he was captured by Obernkirchen police and put in a mental institution in Hannover, where they assumed he was a german mental institution escapee, he was later DD from the army, last thing we heard of him was he was uner the care of British Legion Welfare in Warrington with no obvious means of support, my father at the time was head welfare officer with Northern counties welfare, Cases like this were pretty common at that time, at least today the government are recognising the problem, I twas not so long ago that PTSD was treated as cowardice and sufferers were executed :(
  3. Such warm and cuddly luvvies wern't they. :lol:
  4. HA! So the lead at the Military Assessement Programme (MAP) has now come out in public and stated what every sufferer of a Combat / Service Mental Health illness has know since they were diagnosed, IF they were taht lucky, many have been filled up with prescribed medication and sent home "Out of Sight, out of their fcuking MINDS!

    As one who had been through 10 years of NOT been told, treated and give any form of support from the NHS, or ANY other government service, or until just recently ANY ex military charity, I know just how bleak the service provision is.

    Where there are those who are told they have TWELVE possible trigger, BUT the local NHS can ONLY afford to treat TWO, while others who are been seen by Combat Stress are IGNORED by their local NHS / PCT Trust!

    Few GP's even know of Dr Ian Palmer and the work he does at St Thomas's Hospital in London, where he wil not only see the indididal but the partner too, as it is the partner who becomes the PRIME carer, again with NO support from the local NHS / PCT Trust.

    Apart from the Hull PCT, there is little if ANY Good Practice for those who have served and on discharge become the responsibility of their local NHS / PCT.

    Few if any in the civilian world can begin to compehend what an individual has seen and done over their times in the services, so when someone NO longer has the military TEAM and SUPPORT around them, those at most risk are and those who go onto suffer PTSD and other Combat / Service Related Mental Illness get the support and in the first instance, by being diagnosed early and then the best of treatments, wil improve the chances of the individual + His / Her family to make a good if not full recovery.

    To-date those who have PTSD, many who have some form of physical problems / disability on leaving the forces, once they have a Mental Health problem then become very isolated from NORMAL life. They become frustrated and very angry at the same system that they once went to war for. So it is of no surprise that the sufferers become even more difficual to treat and the NHS adopt the Arms Length approach (Tablets ONLY).

    MAP is and has been open to ALL ex services, originally set up to assess those who from 1982 went to the Falklands, is this aq back handed way of the government admitting that the 300 + who since their discharge have committed suicide, 300 being a conservative estimate. Although as we speak the Mod have funed a study into service and ex service suicides.

    Let us also not forget those who become homeless after a marriage breakdown, when the soldier comes back as many wives will state and Changed Man and NOT the Man they once knew. As well as the ONE in ELEVEN (Ex military) for now reside in HMP UK! Many with Mental Health illnesses.

    Of course part of the problem is that many will not admit to themselves that THEY have a problem, which ever TAG the NHS place upon if IF they WERE to seek help. Many of us believe "IT WILL NOT HAPPEN TO US, WE ARE SOLDIERS"! The sad fact is due to the attitude of those within, those in Whitehall there is a REAL and GROWING problem within our communities, of those who NEED help now and the support THEY need to LEAD them into the NHS / local Mental Health Service Providers CARE and support.

    ALL government will deny there is a problem, as it means THEY have failed, however, once discharged the individual if no longer the responsibility of the Mod seek the urgen and needed help, NOT the NHS at present, NOT the SPVA either, if you have read their reports.

    Well done Dr Ian Palmer, had his services been know to my GP in the early 90's, perhaps I would now be back in work, in stead of being written off with a War Pension. I am one of the lucky ones, I have found a NEW and GOOD woman, when it was my ex who hit the bottle and took it out on the kids, I had to put locks on the outside and INSIDE of their bedroom doors to keep mu ex from annoying at best the kids when she came in in one of the states, after saying within a year of discharge "I never married a CRIPPLE"!

    I know there is still a MASSIVE stigma attached to Mental Health for the individual, especially after being someone who FEARED little or nothing and it is the FEAR with the many that drives the problems along.
  5. What realy gets me going is that this nothing new the covernment have known about mental problems with soldiers since the first world war , Lord Moran, Churchill doctor wrote about it in his book "The Anatony of Courage" and the reserch carried out at Craiglockert hospital during the first world war. In those days only officers had Phsyco Neurosis. other ranks had shellshock or were shot for cowardice