Does this sound reasonable?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by WannabeSTABgal, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. OK folks, all about running:

    Currently I'm going out three times during the week, and sometimes once at the weekend too.

    Mondays: 2.3 miles carrying some weight (about 5kg at the moment, but looking to increase it over time)

    Wednesdays: 4.6 miles - trying to keep up a reasonable pace

    Thursdays: 2.3 miles - nice and quick, and it makes the evening circuit training more interesting(!)

    Weekends: Varies - depends on where I am and whether I've had to miss anything during the week.

    It's the Wednesdays I'm thinking about - should I be looking at increasing the distance, or on structuring it more? Intervals or something?

    All of this is X-country, btw, since it's a) easier to arrange and b) I've never been a fan of boring, flat ovals.

    This isn't all I'm doing - just all the running!

    Last BPFT was a couple of weeks ago and 11 mins 12, so I've got some work to do yet...
  2. Sounds reasonable but ....

    What are you hoping to achieve? Reasonable for what?
  3. What sort of event / course are you training for ?
  4. The clue may be in the username :wink:

    Just gearing up for the HAC recruits course (which will include a repeat BPFT every so often) - general advice is to 'get fit' and 'get used to walking/running with weight' since that's the bit girlies tend to have the problems with.

    Oh, and press-ups *sigh*, yes, 10 or 15 every morning, plus sit-ups...

    First chance I get, I will be asking friendly PTI as well, but in the meantime you lot will have to do 8O
  5. Get at least 20kg on your back.. you need to get used to a bit of weight.. write yourself a schedule.. and get walkin up steep hills as fast as you can.. running up stairs is also good.. all with weight on your back.
  6. Sorry for not understanding quicker but 'wannabestab' could encompass a wide range of units :wink:

    IMO an important part of building an endurance base is to build up your weekly (Wednesday) run on a gradual basis (say by adding a mile per week) - if you are only able to do one run per week then this is the most important one

    You can then use your Thursday / weekend run for any interval/fartlek/track/hill work that you want to do to make your routine more interesting.

    As you say you already do other things - cannon fodder's advice is probably more suited to what you'll actually be doing on selection so don't neglect that

    best of luck !
  7. Best way to screw your knees up for good, I tried it and it worked pefectly.

    Please take care over the amount of weight you carry and how often you train with it.

    I would try and fit in a couple of 10 milers a month to help build your endurance.
  8. Quick everyone another girlie on the net....Yes my dear what can I do to you....have you ever met anyone from Mortars
  9. Ta for all that folks (oh, and I've had more practice on message boards than this handle might suggest, btw ;) )

    Have been severely warned off doing the running-with-weight thing - well, certainly heavy weights, over long distances on hard surfaces for the time being - although used to manage to run to the local pool with my swimming kit quite happily(!)

    Distances currently based on laps of campus (about 2.3 miles), so moving up from 4.6 miles, means doing 6.9, which would be enough to be going on with methinks. Festina lente etc.
  10. Walk with weight but don't run with it: you will bugger up your knees, ankles and hips, and possibly your lower back as well... and when you are walking with weight, wear boots with some ankle support. It really isn't worth the risk of running with weight: you will almost certainly start long term damage and you might cause immediate injury as well.
  11. Good call CP, I agree, don't run with weight or you'll end up with all those things us Infantry types end up with in the end. Gentle exercise is good building up slowly, it's no good thrashing yourself from the start you'll end doing yourself in.
  12. Fair point on the running with weights perhaps, but Patrol Selection 'sno joke I'm afraid (I'm taking it that females are allowed in the sabre squadrons and that this is what you'll be aiming at)

    On the other hand, you have the six months of recruit training to gear up to this.

    When it comes down to the actual selection, though, you will need to put in some serious work. It may be a question of training for the event which would suggest putting a lot of things in your bergen and hitting the hills, and doing a few sessions on the step machine etc during the week?
  13. One step at a time (no pun intended). PTI says "don't run with weight", who am I to argue? :wink: And the current aim is to get through to September... I'll decide what more I want to do (& am capable of!) then.

    Always a balance between putting in the effort vs avoiding injuries. Just don't ask me about press-ups :roll: 8O
  14. The point of training is to get yourself to the course at peak fitness with no injuries. If you have to run with weight during a course, fine, that's what you have to do. But there are plenty of ways to build the strength you will need to carry weight over long distances without strapping on a bergan and running with it.