Does this sound like a Walt?

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by Tompkins, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. This concerns an old friend of mine. We have known each other for many years - he is an accomplished lawyer and academic who has never served in the Armed Forces. He is generally an honest and upstanding man, although makes occasional unverifiable and slightly incredible claims on his Facebook page.

    I'd like the assistance of the knowledgeable folks here with the veracity of his latest claim, as I think it is in rather poor taste, trading on the deaths of two soldiers. He joined the OTC at University, but never took part in any training with them. I will keep his name and University private for now, for persec reasons.

    I smell Walt, but is this only big-timing, or could it even be true? I'd love to think he was being sincere, and would welcome any reassurance from anyone with a knowledge of Selection.

    On Tuesday, he linked to the story of the 2 TA soldiers who died on Selection TA soldier who died in Brecon Beacons 'died in pursuit of his dream' | Mail Online.

    He then posted: "when I did the Fan Dance it was January, and the cold helped push us on. We all helped each other"

    I replied: ""when I did the Fan Dance..." LOL Walt"

    He deleted my comment from his Facebook wall, then messaged me:
    "January 1990 -- I did the Fan Dance with 21 Artists Rifles --- X [a mutual friend who served 16 years as a professional officer] did it in January 1989 -- with Rowallan Company. Seems you missed out!"

    Me: "******* you weren't in the TA, let alone the territorial SAS. ******* OTC and the "Fan Dance"? Any evidence at all? Walt...
    And deleted? Best not to debate, eh?"

    Him: "You did not have to be SAS --- you did not have to be TA ---- if you want to chat about what i did and when, you can ask me. "Walt"??"

    Me: "21 Artist Rifles is SAS - have you not even bothered googling the outfit you claim to have taken part in Selection with?" And I followed this with a link to the definition of Walt.

    Him: "I never did selection --- I never claimed to do selection. I do not, and never have claimed membership in any group --- I have never claimed to be bagded -- you do know that the British Army have allowed other services as well as civilians and members of the security services to take part in certain exercises and training activities with the TA branches for years "

    He then followed this up with an unsolicitied email, giving more details: "FYI -- I do know what the acronym stands for, but ... I never claimed anything I had not done, nor affiliation I did not have.
    I was invited to the Brecon Beacons in January 1990 --- there was a selection process that was going on at the time being run by the Artists' Rifles (I know exactly who they are and where they come from)-- I was one of three (3) civilians who were permitted to take part in that exercise--- did not do the "Long Drag" did not do any other pieces, just that. It was hell."

    "Nowhere, ever, on anything, have I claimed affiliation with any regiment of the British Army -- you will not find reference to that in anything about me. You know, or should know, the civilians, police, security services, and others are allowed, by invitation or on application, to take part in certain exercises with the territorial army --- the Fan Dance is even offered as a charity event. In my life, I have actually gone in the other direction -- confidentiality is a key in much of my professional life.
    But, in January 1990 I asked, and was invited, to complete it -- did not do anything else, just did that and have major respect for people who do it and go on and do even more, when I could barely move afterwards" --- instead I get "Walt""

    I'd like to believe him, but I don't. Is it likely - or even possible - that TA SAS selection invited him along on the Fan Dance as a 19-year-old University student with no links to the Army? I would really appreciate your help. Apologies for the length of my first real post here.
  2. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Who gives one?

    It is now Zebedee O'clock.
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  3. Fuck off you long-winded, punchy life verruca.
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  4. Will you really?
  5. Well why don't you do some water boarding on him,before you have him of to Guantanamo bay.
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  6. I did a Fan Dance earlier this week.

    Due to the heatwave I had a fan blowing in the bedroom. On leaving the shower dripping wet and refreshed, I stood in front of the fan. I then started dancing like an eighties break dancer for at least ten minutes, nuts shaking in the breeze, water droplets shaking from my ripped flesh like a dog emerging from a lake.

    I must be a Walt too.

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  7. Is he a walt, i 'disnae' know.
  8. I hope he smashes your computer over your head repeatedly until it damages your brain so badly when you speak you'll sound like Mr Punch. However, since I'm a helpful chap, this sounds like a Walt.
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  9. Thanks for all the help. I'll take that as 7 votes in his favour.
  10. Suck me off.
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  11. HHH

    HHH LE

    With a friend like you he doesn't need any enemies!

    Sent from under my pillow
  12. Ahhhh .... a devotee of the Australian school of foreplay.
  13. Jarrod's right - his posts teem with unrequited man-lust.
  14. I say Burn the Bastard! How does it go? If he's innocent he will burn, if he's not he will live. At least you'll know!