Does this sound familiar? -Army defuse 600 lb bomb on border

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Sep 8, 2009.

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  1. Nice to see that all those released terrorists are not standing idle.
  2. Good job well done, the fellas. I can't for the life of me understand what yon boyyos hope to achieve with shite like that. Do they really think they can reverse all the improvements that've been made in the Six Counties?

  3. Pedantic Mode ON

    Why are they trying to spread a bomb over a large area of South Armagh? :D

    Or are we trying to defuse it? :twisted: Tch - youngsters these days :roll:

    Now to a more serious note - the capability has not gone away and neither has the intention to use it. One day they will succeed - unless we kill them first.

    And before the Gobmint apologists and hand wringers turn up - I meant kill!
  4. Trouble is Bugsy it is the case of all terror groups that the more they are sidelined, the more the hardliners become divorced from reality.

    Always self defeating in the end.
  5. Oh stop it! I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe.
  6. Things are pretty grim in S Armagh at the moment. A couple of weeks ago Paramilitaries staged an armed roadblock in Meigh with rifles and an RPG. A routine PSNI patrol had to withdraw in order not to escalate the situation.

  7. Ah well, Mr Brown assured us only a few days ago that fighting in Afghanistan would protect the UK from terrorism on the streets here.
    Errr, thinking about it I'm not sure how that computes so I'll go away and scratch my head for a while.

    Got it, AQ must be providing the explosives! Or does that not compute either? Bugger, I'm confused.
  8. Can anybody else see the irony here? An RPG is a bit of an escalation in its own right.

    See my above - find them and kill them!
  9. Cheers for the link there, Kill. I still have difficulties in understanding what they hope to achieve. The GFA provided a foundation on which to build. It might be slow in coming, but there's no fundamental disagreement in the Six Counties that things are many, many times better than they were. Just how is blowing away RUC fellas going to change things?

    Nobody want to see a United Ireland more than me (of which I've never made any secret here on ARRSE), but it must have trickled down to even the thickest of the thick that you can't force something like that by shooting, maiming and blowing folks up! Am I missing something important here?

  10. Saw the video clip of this on the news last night. Still picture is taken from video footage showing the Gardai talking to Irish soldiers before they drive off. I pissed myself when they drove off as viewers were treated to the Irish army camo attempt on the vehichle. I can just see the conversation now............

    Paddy: What colour shall we paint it Murphy?
    Murphy: Good question,......... how about, a different shade of green for each panel!!
    Paddy: Great idea! I'll start on the front quarter panel with Tortoise-shell green, you do the door with marine green.

    I love it, cause it's their best effort!!

    PS Rickshaw, unfortunately we cant kill them anymore, "the war is over", apparently.
  11. The war being over doesn't make the feckers bulletproof :twisted: In those immortal words

    "Targets will fall when hit"
  12. Pedantic I know but diffuse = dispersed.

    Defuse = making it safe!!
  13. Do read my first post :D
  14. Sorry won't work and hasn't worked in the past and as suggested targets will fall and bleed when hit, bring back the SLR I say.