Does This Soldier Have a Point ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AIR FILTER, May 25, 2012.

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  1. I don't get paid to think,,just follow orders...
  2. Lefty hippy ******* homo
  3. You are a self confessed robot then :?
  4. I think you're trolling for anti-war liberal drivel. I'm betting with the draw-down of troops in Afghanistan about to kick in there'll be a lot of anti-war plays/movies/books on the market - though not until after the Presidential election!
    While I don't agree with glamourising war why not post some YouTube clips of service personnel who are proud to serve - just to add some balance.
  5. I think PA's accessment is spot on.

    Go on then, point out the bits where you think he has a point.
  6. They did pay me to think but were generally disappointed with the results :)
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  7. Yes, the invasion of Iraq (and Afghanistan for that matter) was pure stupidity and unnecessary, but as a soldier he has to do his governments bidding.

    The **** shouldn't have joined if he feels that way.
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  8. I had a similar experience.
  9. If he couldn,t take a joker etc.............................
  10. I don't see this video clip as being so much anti war as such.

    Judging by the amount of gongs this veteran was sporting would confirm beyond all doubt as to his patriotic values (as well as his combat experience!)

    I think he is spot on regarding the ideology's the multi millionaire leaders of the Western world.

    Quite a few of our leaders in the UK have made a few lucrative backhanders out of the conflicts that we fought in have they not ?
  11. Really? Would you care to elaborate?
  12. its the kind of lazy political philosophy you can get from any angry 16 year old.

    he offers no ideas or solutions other than stop the war (where we do not disagree) and that profit seems to be bad (? and how far are is he willing to take that?). i'd expect a better thought out argument from a standard grade modern studies class.
  13. My point of view is that you join the forces to serve your country and if you have to go into combat that is part of the job spec.
    Now you may not like it and have your opinions but that's life you signed on the dotted line.
    If one feels that the war is unjust then tell the chain of command and refuse to soldier and take the consiqenses.
    Yes some of the shit we have done over the years in my opinion was uncalled for but I obeyed my orders.
    I do not feel like throwing my bling away or being a retard at a demo. I would like more money /compo but I suck it up and crack on.