Does this piss you off?

When people insist on writing 2k8, 2k3 etc.

What the fuck is wrong with putting a fucking 0 in you bunch of cunts.

Or should you blame me for being up late, angry and having run out of tea.

Chav wanker.s
Bugger off to bed.
You've just got up in a grumpy mood mate. Have a crap then relax for a bit, you'll feel better. It was a septic thing anyway so what do you expect.
vampireuk said:
Bugger off to bed.
I agree. Threads started at this time of the morning are destined for the hole.
I always thought it was a bit dopey putting MCMLXXXVIII at the end of films and TV programmes when 1988 would have sufficed. Or MCMXCIX in 1999 - surely MIM would have worked? It's not as if there are many Romans around to correct your grammar (if any correction is needed).

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