Does this not render Afghanistan a little pointless?

Mr_Deputy said:
we pay them to pass thru checkpoints and then our kids/druggies buy their dope.
Or we pay them to allow our fuel through in order to power the vehicles and aircraft we use to kill their comrades.
I worked as a security consultant for a multi-national company working in Colombia. The Guerilla groups ELN and FARC routinely took protection money from contractors who supplied this company ,in the foot hils of the Andes. It perpetuates the whole Guerilla/terrorist thing, as to be perceived as a threat to these transport companies, they have to keep up a level of operations to make them a credible threat. The money received from these companies allows the guerillas, in turn, to maintain their level of operations. Whats the answer? Military protected convoys, with the resulting percentage loss of materials and personell, OR pull out!
Getting more like NAM every day wait till the CIA take over the drug export market again
jagman said:

According to the times, a nice source of funding for the Taliban comes direct from the British taxpayer.
SSSSH that so off message its almost akin to leaking documents from the Home office :wink:
What we're essentially talking about is that our logistics chain runs through enemy lines. It's as if our men in Hohne during the Cold War were supplied through Gdansk. Hilarious, I suppose. But what is one to do? Reach an agreement with Iran? China? Devote thousands of extra troops to convoy protection - including on sovereign Pakistani territory?

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.
Catch 22
Why do some of you seem surprised?

PIRA (and the Proddy gangs) became dab hands at scamming the EU (piggy smuggling, fuel smuggling etc), and squeezing protection money out of taxpayer funded building projects in the 80's. Do a Google for "Financing the Provisional IRA". Albanian bandits were robbing UN soldiers of their vehicles in the run up to the Kosovo job.

It should hardly surprise us that folk with banditry in their DNA should act this way.

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