Does this Man run a Crime gang?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kitmarlowe, Nov 16, 2007.

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  1. One thing it does highlight is where Parliament's priorities lie.

    Murder, rape, arson, treason, all these things are ordinary crimes. Dissenting in the wrong place without asking 'Please' first, that's Serious.
  2. Never been a Eubank fan but good on him.
    This is supposed to be a free country, good to see somebody have the gumption to speak their mind regardless of the consequences.
  3. So much for allowing thousands tossers to turn up and do whatever they want in 'peaceful protest' - He turns up in his truck and gets nicked everytime.

    At least they saw sense and dropped all charges the first time he did it.

    Good luck to him, I hope he gets off with it.
  4. So an unlawful demonstration is Serious and Organised Crime? Where did it all go wrong?
  5. Chris Eubank is always doing something to get up the nose of officials, usually involving his truck.

    He's a lunatic.
  6. So when do the men in black shirts start appearing on the streets
  7. The man is an annoying Twat sometimes, but has some principles.

    The fact that such a serious piece of legislation can be used against him is a sad reflection of Nieu Liabour's Britain
  8. Seems like a good opportunity to publicise an unjust law and turn the spotlight on the Brown regime.

    I wonder if Eubank is willing to go all the way and do time over this.

    If enough people got involved and systematically broke this law in a non violent protest, then clogged up the courts, the law could be rendered unworkable and removed from the statutes.

    Who are Labour to tell us that we can't demonstrate peacefully in the heart of our own capital?
  9. Its the Gobments way of dealing with any critisism, just as not calling an election for fear of losing reflects the inherent weakness of Neu Liarbour. The police are increasingly being used to enforce party policy rather than the law of the land.
  10. As others have Posted, we have managed to become a police state WITHOUT effective policing of "normal" Crime.

    Quite an achievement. Makes one proud to be British... :x

    At least El Duce managed to give the Mafia a good shoeing. :twisted:
  11. They're already on the streets. They're called "The Police".
  12. Is it just me, or is anybody else also wondering how Eubank came to be charged under the "Serious and Organised Crime Act"? So what are the criteria for this act, then? Surely not parking a custom Vanderbilt tractor unit in front of Downing Street? The mind fückin' boggles!

  13. If only they were as efficient as the Wops In Black... :roll:
  14. The problem with mass peaceful protests would be loads of innocents getting arrested and jailed. Meanwhile, due to clogged jails, hundreds of perverts and rapists would be freed earlier.