Does this guy know something we dont?!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ex_donkey_man, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    That's very kind of him. I think I need to spend £100 on a shotgun and £20 on petrol to get to Stockport and that's my survival problems sorted out. I'll give him an ecologically friendly burial.

    That's assuming I can force my way through the crowd of people who've worked out that he's the key to their survival as well...

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  2. If it's the end of the world, what's the point?
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  3. "Soldier for two years.."

    My hero.
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  4. It appears to me that what he's actually done is convert his house to run on renewable energy (which will hopefully pay for itself over time) and bought some food. I'm not sure that would be quite such a good story though.
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  5. From the comments below.

    "I think the word "nutter" is a bit harsh, he's probably suffering some kind of mild mental illness (OCD), maybe from his army days, you don't know what this guy has been forced to do or witness that goes against all human logic and then left high and dry once he's left the army"
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  6. i saw that. given his 24 months service, minus some basic. (even us REME spent a year on basic and trade training, then a bit of PDT, a cheeky tour and out! no wonder he's stressed.

    I'm prepping for the end of the world as well, I bought a tin of sausage and beans combo in Asda the other day.
  7. In two years?

    Who does two years?

    Spent longer in the Naafi Queue, springs to mind!
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  8. Sounds a good plan to me - we've looked at wood buring stoves too - I've found out that contrary to advice you dont need to line your whole chimney with a pipe if you already have an open fire - you just need a five foot pipe from the top of the stove into the chimney and then a breast plate to lock in the heat. - so far I've got my eye on a wood burning stove on ebay and a short chimney kit - hopefully can do the lot for £300 sovs
  9. I read the book "Emergency" by Neil Strauss a while ago - a good read and made me think about my plans in an emergency. He learns alot off survival experts and also law enforcement/emergency workers in the USA, most notably telling him that in a big emergency the average citizen would have to wait 3 days at least before the civil powers would realistically be able to do anything.
    One survival guru told him that his firearms were not so much to hunt or ward off invaders but rather to gently disuade people who wanted to make use of his foresight and planning.
    Fortunately I have made sure that no-one knows about my very well made plans and my stockpile of supplies in my... Oh shit...
  10. Must've been in the Catering Corps.
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  11. Fuck it, when it all goes South I'm drowning the sprog in the sink, then emptying the throat of the ex with a craft knife in front of her parents on their ornate and expansive front lawn and then nail bombing the chap's front room that turned down my planning application and cost me a fucking fortune, to be fair though after 2 litres of Smirnoff on a Sunday and a few cheeky lines thats the usual plan for most Monday morning's until I've had a McDonalds breakfast and a wank :)
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  12. I've just seen what you're looking at.

    I've had burners for 25 years.

    Don't buy that shit, it's £300 for a reason.

    This is British & the best on the market, bit more than £300, but it'll last 30 years!

    Clearview Stoves - from Focus Stoves
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  13. If it wasn't for the planning permission and ornate garden bit I'd swear you were my fucking brother.

    Are we going halves on the old boys scotch this year ya tight cunt?
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