Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by joeblocky, May 3, 2009.

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  1. What do you think of the Taurus long barreled revolver... it has a 12inc barrel so its still sction 1.....are these things desgined with intent to circumvent UK law and if so is it right that how ever unjust a law is...there no exacuse for law abiding people to ever undermine the Law
    or is bloody right and giving the finger to the peice of shit govenment and that every shooter should get one as a massage that can never dis-arm us and we will always finds ways to be armed?? (within the law)

  2. Either its legal, or its not legal - there's no inbetween.

    accusing something of being designed to "circumvent the law" is just bollockspeak for "oh, if we'd thought of that then we would have banned that as well"
  3. Already been done to death. Muzzle loading or long-barrelled revolvers are unattractive to the evildoer for the simple reason that both are, for different reasons, not practical propositions.

    However, given the slightest excuse the Government is just itching to ban them. And anything else that might grab a headline or two for that matter.

    "106. The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 gave the Secretary of State the power to re-classify any firearm which appears to him to be "specially dangerous", and which was "not lawfully on sale in substantial numbers" in Great Britain before 1988, as a section 5 firearm. This power is exercisable by secondary legislation requiring the approval of each House. However, it has not yet been used: the 1997 handgun ban required primary legislation to amend the law, as handguns were lawfully on sale in Great Britain before 1988.

    107. The introduction of new types of firearm which are designed to circumvent existing controls is a clear evasion of the existing law. We recommend that when new types of firearm are developed which appear designed to circumvent the provisions of the existing law, the Secretary of State ought to consider using the powers at his disposal to re-classify them. If, in his view, long-barrelled revolvers or other form of firearm are being developed in a way which he considers a particular threat to public safety, he should promptly lay an appropriate order before both Houses for consideration."
  4. I think you'll find that the LBR's were designed explicitely to COMPLY with the 1997 act.

    Unless, of course, the intent of the 1997 act was to prohibit target shooting with non-shoulder-stocked firearms, at which point they should have said so and worded the act accordingly instead of spouting all that public safety and crime beaulox... :roll:
  5. Exactly- the courts will take a constructive, or purposive, approach, and gun-owners must do the same. Look not at what the law achieves, but at what it intended to prevent. The aim is to impede the ability of criminals to use short barrelled weapons for criminal purposes, not to ban revolvers per se- thus, by its very nature- a LBR will be legal; it's not loop-holing, it's law-abiding.


  6. I think the purpose of the bullshit ban was not only preventing criminals but (in the governments stupid mind) to prevent law abiding people to practice target shooting with ANY type of cartridge handgun because we cant be trusted! I think they never really envisoned the LBR and they intant was ban all non shoulder firearms but because of the knee jerk reaction the whole ban thing was rushed.

    i'm in favour of the LBR but i dont like the counter balance that comes with it.
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  9. This was recently dragged up by The Times newspaper...must have been a slow news day or something...

    One of the definitions of a Section 1 firearm is a 12" barrel and 24" overall length. The Taurus is manufactured accordingly to comply with UK law.
    Quite simple really.

    I owned a Taurus for a while, but got bored and sold it on. The coathanger wristbrace was a source of constant annoyance for me.

    As an aside I remember after the pistol ban, the tabloids reporting their outrage at shooters who chose to spend their compensation on lever action carbines, due to such a 'loophole'. What utter nonsense....
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  12. there is an advert in Target Shooter Magazine for a guy that does custom work on this pistol, see
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