Does This BBC Article Compromise Our Troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Aug 23, 2007.

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  1. Troops Argue Iraq is Unwinnable

    My contention is is that despite the veracity of the arguement, the BBC has offered succour to both the insurgents in Iraq and the Taleban in AFG by printing and broadcasting this article. Conversely it has done Your average Tom no favoours whatsoever.
  2. Sven, the Beeb have a track record, to whit their announcemnt before the battle for Goose Green telling the world and its dog that 2 Para were on their way.
  3. Sven, it hardly matters, Broon has already decided it is unwinnable and the Chiefs of Staff have all but pulled the plug. I thought Paul Wood presented a very powerful piece on BBC News tonight. It can only help keep the state of our armed forces firmly on the political agenda. It ain't going away.

    Think positive, everyone appears to think that Afg is still winnable...
  4. I hope that the labour party is going to get absolutely roasted for their abuse of our armed forces and veterans. This article is another step towards that.


    (I am a civvie)
  5. This wasn't started for just the effect on troops fighting in Iraq though Nige - the Taleban and associated insurgents are also going to take comfort from this piece of reporting.

    I also disagree with You about the piece on the News at 10. I thought it whilst it did highlight the way forces personnel think about the lack of support from MoD, it wasn't balanced and made too much of the 600 supposed servicemen who replied.

    How did the Beeb ascertain the credibility of the servicemen who replied
  6. It's the BBC. They'll spin it their anti-Iraq way but it got the covenant thing mentioned which is a result imo.
  7. Surely it only provides succour and assistance to our enemies if it contains something they don't already know. I buggered if I can find what it is they don't already know!
  8. Sometimes the truth hurts.... But it remains the truth.

    Emperor's New Clothes.
  9. So Mr Sadr won't use it as propaganda, showing how our troops are running to the press and crying to not be sent to Iraq? (no, that isn't what is happening but it CAN be construed that way and You can bet Your bottom dollar that it is being by the likes of Sadr).
  10. To be brutally honest Sven, it doesn't matter which media cnut publishes Gordon "Doddy" Brown's perspective on Iraq. Once he made it known via a myriad of "briefed" and apparently "unbriefed" sources that that was his plan, the moral issues of BBC, ITV or the Country Channel publishing it became academic.

    Obviously Gordon needs to be told how to be a war leader, rather than mere custodian of the piggy bank.
  11. Sven complaining about aunty beeb? You'd have to live the other side of the pond not to see the irony.
  13. Surely this shows how concerned I am if I feel the need to critisise an institution that I admire.
  14. Cut and paste so those of us who live under a properly controled media can understand what your all talking about
  15. Here You go, A-J