does the unit Pri F@ck the juniors over

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by craigspeedy, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. i dont agree with paying PRI subs in my squadron every month, we have tried to claim out of our unit P.R.I for sporting events before and our unit has said no. (ok Being attached arms doesnt help)
    but it has come to my understanding that all the P.R.I does is over charge and inject all the money into SNCO`s mess. Which in turn F@cks the juniors over. Anyone else feel the same?

    Might as well be owned by naffi!
  2. All depends who is running the PRI. If they're a good egg and are on side they might lash the lads up with social do's and Flatscreens...
    Otherwise they might misappropriate the funds in which case take up the matter with your CoC.
    At my unit the fund works pretty well. They were about to put aside several hundred for DVD's for the next deployment until someone had a quiet word in the bosses ear after which his eyes opened and the penny dropped.
    "Boss, speak to smudge" :wink: :wink:
    Net result = several hundred extra pounds behind the bar.

  3. Why would any PRI inject money into a WO's and Sgts mess?

    It is thert to provide funds for sport, AT, welfare, etc, etc.

    Do you have proof to back this up? Or is it just hearsay?
  4. Er, no, it doesn't. Money may go to the Mess, but you may find that this money was put into the PRI by the Mess in the first place.

    What were the Sporting events? How much did you want and what for?

    There should be a PRI Commitee meeting every so often where they discuss and vote on what to do with the wonga, which would have included your requests. Did the requests get put in on time, to get to the meeting?

    If you believe the PRI isn't doing what it is supposed to be, raise it thorugh your CoC, you can ask to see the accounts, in fact I am pretty sure the accounts should be published on orders.