Does the treasury support the Army?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mad_mac, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. An interesting snippet of a story has come to light:

    Chris Mullins Political Diary

    An interesting "free exchange of ideas" occurred which I think justifies the disconsolate feelings of Gordon Brown being shoed in as PM.

    Soames has always amused me with his Un PC approach to matters of which these are classics:

    After this latest little revelation the bunter of politics has certainly gone up in my estimation.
  2. Mine too, slightly

    If his aim would have been better and he had fcuked Bliar in the face, I'd nominate him for a Nobel
  3. Good on him. We have a sort of similar fellow in our parliament, Hone Harawira. He is a bit of a radical and he certainly has the PC brigade looking a bit sheepish and watching their Ps and Qs.
    I am watching out for the fireworks.
  4. In answer to the thread title no and it never has, there were people complaining about it back in the 1600's.

    I am told that the best bit of advice that Maggie recieved concerning the Falklands War that She had to bar the Treasury from all meetings and any input as they would always be a negative influence. They were just told to shut and pay.

    As we are now at War again hopefully the next Govt will take the same attitude.
  5. It doesn't matter if the Treasury does, Brown does, and that is key.

    He's just ordered the Treasury to give an extra £70 million from it's reserves to helping the fight in Afghanistan.

    End of thread
    Repeated thread for some reason
  7. ashie is that you?
  8. Who, me?
  9. That's the AFG problems solved then!

    Is Gordon your big mate then?
  10. And Jack straw gets to spend £170,000 of Tax payers money on art work for his office. (Telgraph on line) Given the current climate these clowns need to think long and hard about how they spend our money or get out of office and hand over the rains of power to some one who does.
  11. Stand still the front rank.

    This isn't a thread on, "How to solve the problems in Afghan".

    This is a thread on, "Does the treasury support the Army?"

    At no point did I instigate that this £70 million will help/end/hurt the British interest in Afghan. I've answered the initial question posed; just to reiterate: it doesn't matter if a civil servant in the Treasury dept supports the British Army, the PM holds the purse strings so he's the one who's support matters.

    And I'm not a Labour supporter, so certainly not my, "Big Mate".
  12. The Treasury - plural/collective?

    Answer - No!
  13. Oh yes you are, have you read your first post on this thread?
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    From years of experience in MOD Finance the answer is - no.

    GB may be now grudgingly OK'ing a minimum needed - but do not forget that he was the one who - personally - reduced and limited funding over the last many years of Wars - and he still does it, as he runs HMT, not badger-head Darling.

    There are no, or very few, votes in defence, compared to splashing money at PFI schools and hospital projects, I'm afraid. Always been that way, always will be.
  15. It's irrelevant what the Treasury dept think, wether that be a high ranking civil servant or a Minister, their Boss, the Prime Minister, controls the Treasury...therefore the Treasury doesn't have a brain to think, it just does what it's told to do.

    So, again, does the Treasury support the Army? it doesn't matter, because it's Boss does.

    What? So judging from a couple of sentences you've decided who I am in favour of?

    It's FACT that Brown controls the Treasury, it's FACT that Brown has ordered an extra £70 million, how do FACTS determine my political preference? At no point did I say something along the lines of, "Brown is great because he's done this and this and this, Cameron wouldn't have a clue etc etc".