Does the TA have the same medical criteria as the regular ar

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SA80, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. Hi, I recently applied for the regular army but was defered due to medical reasons. I was just wondering do the TA have the same medical criteria as the regular army for joining or are they more relaxed? Cant join untill 2007, i know its not that far away but i want something to do untill then!
  2. Yes, medical criteria is identical for joining and, once you have joined, considerably more severe for mobilisation purposes, especially dental.
  3. Your best of haveing look at there site

    find your nearest TA centre pop in and have a chat.
    It all depends on what was wrong with you
  4. yeah, i looked on there but couldn't find anything. I suppose the best thing i can do is apply and see what happens.
  5. From the PULHHEEMS Admin Pamphlet -

    "Volunteers for enlistment in the TA are to be medically examined, unless they have been released from HM Armed Forces within the last 6 months with a PULHHEEMS assessment not below that applicable for retention in the Corps in which they wish to serve. Therfore identical to Reg Army.

    There is the caveat of Home Only (HO) which may be added in some cases. It really depends what the original reasons for deferment were made. If you want further advice, based on said document, feel free to pm me.
  6. in theory its exactly the same
  7. ^I figure someone is bending the rules and sooner or later it will bite you on the backside - they, of course, will be long gone.
  8. Thanks for the advice guy, turns out i was fine, passed the medical no probs. Cant wait for first proper training weekend now.
  9. Well done mate