Does the TA comprimise your Artistic Integrity?

Just the other week I found myself, sweating away, on a CFT when we passed some beautiful Begonia type flowers. (Although they can't have been Begonias as the soil was far to sandy, and as we all know Begonias love hummous rich soil.) It was early in the morning and the petals were glistening with dew - shimmering with liquid diamonds in the sunrays.

Along with every other thinking, feeling, man there i was obviously keen to stop and admire them, perhaps to whip out my watercolours, perhaps compose a short rhyming couplet, but the PTI wallah was extreemely keen for us all to keep going. This got me thinking have you ever found your Artistic being straightjacketed by the Army? Should there be more room for free artistic expression?
Now I am laughing. First the exellent p1ss taking post (I hope! 8O ).... and the classic reply :lol:
And then there was the time when I suggested to the Sgt that it would be more in touch with his real self if he were to stand heroically legs akimbo when giving suggestions (=orders)....He looked at me strangely.
I don't know if it does. I remember looking up at the stars on a clear blue night on SENTA , thinking how lucky I was to be able to gaze upon this bejewelled magnificence and have the Army pay me for it too.

Unfortunately , my reverie was brutally interrupted by some uncouth soul inviting me, in frankly harsh tones to "GET SOME F*CKING FIRE DOWN!"

Viper, I completely agree. I just don't get why this RSM guy I know is always so angry. Next time I see him, I will have to tell him to push out the hate and embrace the love. We all need self-hugs.
I'm not sure that it does compromise any artistic leanings. Similar to PTP, I was admiring the beautiful architecture of Eastmere village, and was moved to write a thesis on neo-classical fibua design. A rousing piece I must admit, and I am very tempted to submit it to RIBA for inclusion in their architectural journal.

If anyone shares my love of pitted blockwork, please feel free to swap photos and memories of such beautiful masonic delights.

I've just made myself all moist.

Glad so many of you agree. I think there has to be a call for Group Hugs as an SOP.

Embrace 1-2-3
Squeeze 1-2-3

All those that agree, and there must be many post to;
I do actually have a couple of watercolour sketches done from the back of my relay in germany, they are in fact quite crap but in my defence my heater was on the blink
But surely you can express your artistic abilities to you hearts content Monday through Friday as you are a mere civvy and practice your substandard soldiering on a weekend?
I must admit, with the remark (I know it was jovial) above.

That I was really shocked on a brigade cast once after working with a TA guy (when I was in), when he told me he had done five exercises that year with the ARC. Manly because that was my first that year - and it was September! He also had a lot of knowledge about my trade (C3CS). That week totally changed my perspective of the people who volunteer for the TA.

Lobster (ps I am very drunk - I have just left the students union!!)
polar69 said:
I do actually have a couple of watercolour sketches done from the back of my relay in germany, they are in fact quite crap but in my defence my heater was on the blink
I used to do my panoramas with a pocket water-colour set, very retro and in the spirit of generations of Shop graduates. They were quite excellent but then my ack bought a polaroid camera...philistine btardsa!
I feel certain that I have, on at least a few occasions, witnessed examples of 'performance art' during exercises. I base this on the principle that contemporary art, in all it's manifestations seeks to challenge and break down established orders and boundaries.

Using those criteria some of the performances I have seen could certainly be regarded as 'art', consequently my opinion would be that the TA actively encourages the arts.
life is a balance surely, when away with the Army I have been known to relax with sketch book and pencils post ex in the ulu (with a can too, obviously not total homme), equally, I cannot think of a context in the civvie world where I would find myself screaming at my troop 'will someone shoot that f===ing c==t' (at a suddenly rejuvinated 'dead' 'terrorist' on an internal security exercise). as long as artistic side is sublimated while the violence carries on, should it matter if it reveals itself later?
I'd question whether I ever get anything attractive that I'd want to paint/ write a poem about whenever I'm on exercise.

Those who spent their summer in Brecon, up to their neck in sheep shit, enjoying a very close proximity to the ground and the wonderous weather, ticks, prickly heat, stones, thistles, etc... would surely agree.

On the other hand, it has given me a novel perspective on paintings and poems that depict the countryside as such a wonderful, calm place...

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