Does the standard Berghaus Munro take rocket pouches?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_Big_Show, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Having read through all the threads I could find concerning daysacks I have decided that I like the sound of the munro and that it should suit my needs. The one thing I would like to know before buying is whether PLCE rocket/side pouches will attach to the munro without any adjustments (e.g. addition of zips as for sale on RVOps). From the sound of the threads I was reading there are quite a few of you who could help me to answer this one!


  2. Nah you cant.
  3. So do you reckon I would be better buying the Wyvern 40L or spending the £5 extra for a Munro with zips from RVOps?
  4. Having seen the PECOC bergan system it looks really good. Part of this is the daysack which is about 40L and will take the sidepouches. It is designed to sit inside the main pouch of the bergan (think russian dolls). The daysack and bergan straps are all designed to work better with bodyarmour. The only problem is waiting to get the system issued!
  5. If youBuy from RVops or Vanguard let them know you saw their advert on Arrse
  6. If its the one i think, then i'd get another again. Never had a munro though so can't compare!
  7. Actually yes you can. You need to unthread the compression straps on the munro and then pass them through the loops on the back of the sidepouches and then rethread the compression strap on the munro. Make sure you double it over in the buckle in the same way as a climbing harness ot prevent it working loose.

    It's not as simple as just zipping it into place, but it's a less than five minute job.
  8. So, Bells, if I do as you say then I can buy a £45 munro sans zips instead of the £70 with zips from RVOps? Will the pouches be reasonably static or will they move around a bit? Has anyone else had any experience of doing this?

  9. If the main body of the munro is full, then it will be reasonable static, providing you do the compression straps up tight enough. If not, then it will move around a bit.

    The sidepouches which are designed for the munro have hard backs to reduce the movement.

    Compression straps have more or less the same spacing on every rucksack. Try fitting PLCE sidepouches to a civi bergen and see how you like it - or just use a munro without any sidepouches like everyone else does.