Does the shadow defence secretary believe in freedom of speech?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jim30, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. I see our illustrious erstwhile shadow defence secretary has begun running a blog. The other day he posted an article attacking the government for using consultants in MOD to dispose of the harrier and for other tasks. I posted on his blog a comment, using my blogger ID that it was midly hypocritical to accuse the MOD of using consultants, when the same thing had been happening when his party was in office.

    Interestingly, two days later, and one visit to my blog from his site, I see that my comment is still 'awaiting moderation', yet another 'labour rules, death to tories' type post created 24 hours later has mysteriously been published. Now I suppose I shouldnt be surprised, but I cant help but feel very dissapointed that the man who wishes to be the political leader of a department dedicated to defending the right to freedom of speech, is unwilling to permit its existence on his blog.

    I'm not naive enough to think that this is a labour only thing. I suspect politicians of all parties are similar. I just find it so depressing to see someone run a blog, open it for comments and then refuse to have a real debate about things. As a taxpayer, i'm probably paying for him to run that site, and it would be nive to think i could have a meaningful dialogue with an mp, and not be ignored because i suggest something contrary to their view. I know of people who have debated issues with mp's via blogs and i think it really boosts democracy.
    Am I alone in being mildly concerned that someone who could be our new boss doesnt like to let people suggest an opinion which is contrary to his own?
  2. Comment awaiting Moderation
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  3. I'm surprised that you are surprised.
  4. Could he be the new boss? I didn't think Labour was electable at the moment.
  5. The shadow defence minister believes in getting elected. All else is a tertiary consideration (the secondary consideration is unseating the leader once in office).

    I too would like to think it's because he's Labour but I am sure it is true of polticians of all hues. I would add, however, in the defence of MPs that things are different today. In days of yonder there were relatively few written and audio/television recordings of politicians' debates (outside of elections/Commons/Lords). The discussions at soap boxes at best may have been recorded in shorthand by a local journalist. Now anyone can Google youtube, newspapers far and wide and yet every answer must still be as considered as in the past when little was recorded (for future reference).
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    Oh dear. Your not 'on message'
    To the Tower with you.
  7. Incidentally you think it would be hard to talk to an MP. You can talk to me, I'm an MP.

    I went to PMQs in Blair's days. I arrived and gave my name to the warden/constable/whomever and was given my tickets in a large envelope. I opened the envelope and it turned out not to be tickets but something from his PA and some constituency mail. An MP is my namesake. Yes without ID or any facial recognition I was taken to be a sitting MP. This was before the flour bomb attacks however.
  8. MP walt!
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  9. I confess. I did it for the pension.
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  10. ..... not to mention the expenses. Upon reflection, please don't mention the expenses.
  11. TheIronDuke

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    Which is why politicians are wary, if not terrified around social media. An MPs Blog exists to show them as caring, informed and electable. The last thing they need is someone smarter than them pointing out they are a hypocrite. Anyone remember some Tory Muppet on the Today programme last year batting on about how we all need to do charity work to make the Big Society work? He was completely cattled by the simple question "So what do you do for charity?" Cue spluttering and then ridicule. Thats what they are scared of. Hence the 'selective' filter on their Blog.
  12. BuggerAll

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    Who is the shadow Minister for Defence? I probably ought to know but as I find the whole rabble of Gucci socialist cronies irrelevant and annoying I'd not summonsed the interest to find out.
  13. Jim Murphy......equally as wet as Hammond the Tory Minister
  14. No politician is FOR free speech as it will mean they have to engae in debate with those that are being affected by the decisions they make, the further they can distance themselves from the chattering classes the more comfortable they feel.
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  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    He's Labour they tightened up on al that whilst they had the chance.

    Or did you say something like "that Harrier was a nice bird"
    They get very tut tut herumph using langauge like that
    Although Dianne Abbot will be along in a minute to cal them all nice white boys but she's fat so nothing can be said against her.