Does the REME have the right idea?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. what he said
  2. Isn't the Corps ASM just a bloke who is REALLY good at looking at broken stuff and muttering through a pair of lips supporting a skinny rollie:

    "Yeah, that's fucked that is mate. Just backload it."
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  3. That's an artisan, the tiffy has a whiteboard using at least seven different coloured markers to designate the different levels of fucked.

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  4. not a REME guy but i thought all their WO1's were ASMs instead of RSM's. I could be wrong (normally am) but not gonna loose any sleep over it.

    Does make sense as for example we have at least 3 "command level" WO1 positions:
    Corps RSM
    Master Groundcrewman
    Master Aviation Crewman

    Again possibly more
  5. My whiteboard only has four colours. Where do I get the fabled three other colours from and what are they?
  6. That's not the right question to be a tiffy!

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  7. Stores. But they're out of date and sent back for calibration.
    So-No,you can't have any.
  8. Whereas the FofS is far more erudite and would declare "The fuckin' ******* fuckin' fucked". See how the long foreman course can make you understood by even the lowliest siggy?
  9. Brown, Orange and Purple?
  10. Along with Command Sergeant Majors completely and utterly pointless appointments moaned for by individuals who weren't satisfied with being WO1s (RSM) but wanted to be some sort of WO1A ^~
  11. I thought that was one of the command tasks on a tiffy board(?)
  12. Probably is, but he's also probably done it on Corporate, Banner, etc unlike my last RSM in BAOR. He had never left UK before, had no ribbons and told 'war stories' about how the mess carpet in Borden got muddy one bonfire night.

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