does the R.A.C still use B.A.T.C.O.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sideshowbob, Aug 27, 2012.

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  1. Remember the days sat in a box trying to decipher it . Up the signals.up the K.R.H
  2. Yes, and chariots!
  3. send key setting over
  4. I would be delighted to stick somethng up the KRH, suggestions in BATCO please!
  5. 6B UTS k

  6. Oh drop the bomb!!!! that was brave .p.s batco was not on my predictive text
  7. Now what the **** are you talking about. You appear to have developed a code all of your own.
  8. Some here may remember that pre- BATCO, there was MAPCO and SLIDEX. This doubled the possibilities that you didn't have a ******* clue what you were doing.
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  9. The slidex cursers burnt well, stunk the cv out though.
  10. Yes it's called 'TWATCO'
  11. TA Sigs in the 80's and BATCO was just a chuffin hassle. We used plain language whenever possible and gave Grobendonk the finger with clansman on full power! Trouble was we got a load of radio hams doing morse and interfereing. I often wonder if the morse buggered up our sigs being picked up by Grobendonk?
  12. Probably like chunkie says it is hassle.but it's good to have a secure back up.
  13. And Griddle.
  14. And super griddle...
  15. And Welsh, 'cos no ****** understands that either.