Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bowser-Mong, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Over the past few days I have seen in the press various stories where a crime has been committed and the looney legal profession have let the offenders off.
    1) A three year old girl was killed in a hit and run and the offender was sentenced to 12 months but will be out long before that on a tag.
    2) A SIX MONTH OLD BABY was left with multiple fractures and other injuries all over its body and sadly died. The sick fcuks responsible were its parents and were given suspended sentences.
    3) A 12 year old girl was raped by a man and he was sentenced to 2 years. Is this all a little girl deserves?

    Also an elederly lady was left on a mattress in a hospital having suffered a stroke and was only moved a couple of days before her 100th birthday.

    Meanwhile the Government has decided that due to "security" all cabinet members should have Jaguar cars. Nice to see that the Government has its priorities correct.

    Comments please.
  2. Actually he got 12 WEEKS!!!!!!!! A while ago (I forget how long) the same little girl had her teddy stolen from her pram. The thief got 8 months. So, a Teddy is worth more than a little girl's life.

    Go figure that out if you can!
  3. I largely agree with your sentiments except for the bit about the old lady. She had injured herself falling out of bed . There was not a bed available with sides to ensure she did not fall out . After consultation with members of her family it was agreed that for a relatively short time it would be safer if the mattress was placed on the floor.
    By all means give the establishment shit but make sure you get the whole story first in fairness
  4. Yeh the scum bag that killed the 3 year old, was an illegal with no licence or insurance, and got 12 weeks jankers, and a 100 year old woman was killed by arsonists in London. When are we going to start having laws that protect our legal citizens
    I better be carefull here, i nearly stepped up onto my Enoch Powell soap box
  5. Don't forget the cabinet members were offered the choice between jags and a planet-friendly part hydrogen powered car. Perhaps someone could tell me why a cabinet member can't drive a normal priced car?
  6. msr

    msr LE

  7. But what seems to be missed is that the judge handed out the longest sentence they could in relation to the charge (which i recall was "careless driving").

    The juge can only implement the punishment that fits the 'crime' (as defined by law). He was not found guilty of murder, nor dangerous/reckless driving and as such could not face a longer sentence.

    Despite this, it is a horrific incident and does in my eyes deserve a greater level of punishment. Indeed, this particular type of crime seems to be a bit a of a blackspot for the law and needs more clarification:

    Sounds sensible to me!
  8. Cabinet ministers used to get a choice of Rover 75 or Vauxhall Omega. Neither in production now. Toyota Prius offered but rejected by most as not secure enough in case of terrorist attack. More like the Toyota is not as flash as a Jag XJ. Cant see the XJ going much faster than the Toyota with Londons congestion.

    edited cos I'm a biff and cant type proper like.
  9. A while back a young lady was due to be tagged for some crime but successfully argued that having a tag on her leg would mean that she would stand out as a criminal as she like to wear a skirt when she went out. The judge let her go without the tag. Must have been something to do with her Human Rights.
    I dont think i stand much chance in front of the beak protesting the prison uniform doesn't go with my eyes and matching jeans and jacket is so yesterday.
  10. a quick point on the jag is their to be diesel driven and so can be run on biodiesel, so they feel all environmentally friendly. Prius obviously normal petrol-electric hybrid

    why don't you all go out and enforce your own law?
  11. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    No excuse !

    WHY was the no hospital bed available ?
    It doesn't take much work to get one - someone just coldn't be arsed to put the effort in.

    That person should be found, 'spoken to' then fired.
  12. I agree with Cuts here. Show me ONE hospital in this country running with every bed in every ward occupied.

  13. She actually got off because the tag didn't look nice, nothing to do with it making her look like a Con.

    OT and BBC, I think that you would be hard pressed to find a suitable bed in a suitable ward for the old lady. (i.e. with bars on the sides or in a jerry ward). The NHS may be a bag of sh1t but not all the nurses are. I'm not saying they did the right thing, just that at the time it seemed the best option.

    T C
  14. I was watching Look Northwest last week and it told of a bloke who kicked a pensioners head so hard that the bloke (who was already disabled) is now a total vegetable. Anyhow, they got the bastard and jailed him... for three years (or rather 18 months). :?
  15. Crime against property has always attracted a much higher punishment than crimes against the person.

    I don't know why this is but it just happens. Or maybe it is just my perception that is wrong but you always hear of some scrote nicking a couple of quds worth of stuff getting banged up for years but kick the shite out of someone and you will be unlucky if you spend anytime behind bars at all.

    I have had an idea about this and reckon that all crimes should be punished on a scale of the cost to the victim.

    As the victim of the crime you can either decide whether the crim spends time in nick to pay off his debt or whether you would rather have the cash, which the crim would have to pay of course.
    If the crim is broke then off to nick with him and he can work for 50p an hour and pay off his debt or just sit in jail until his sentence is over.