Does the OTC work as a recruiting tool?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by barbarasson, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. I am a regular officer and I served in the OTC

  2. I am a regular officer who didn't serve in the OTC

  3. I am a TA officer who was in the OTC or a TASO

  4. I am a TA officer who didn't serve in the OTC

  5. I am late entry, you foppish ex-student pillocks

  1. Further to a never-ending debate in another forum about the utility of the OTC in recruiting, were you in the OTC before commissioning? Are all those mtds really a worthwhile? Are the piss ups different from any others at university? Did you get the smell of damp kit into your system and needed to keep your kick?

    This is not a question of 'does the OTC turn out officers'? but simply, did the OTC play a part in your eventual commissioning?

    Obviously the poll can't take into account all things, such as people who were sixth form scholars etc, but it will hopefully do as a rule of thumb.
  2. The question is a bit pointless.

    A lot of people join the OTC. A lot of them join the Army (and TA). Therefore the OTC either helped recruit them by introducing newbies to the concept, or by reinforcing the enthusiasm of those that already wanted to join.
  3. The point is to discover how many it introduced or encouraged!

    Are you sure you are compus_mentis?
  4. I was in Wales UOTC. I was pursuing a commission beforehand, and I am still to go to Sandhurst (passed RCB and all that jazz yonks ago). In my opinion, unless carefully managed, an OTC can be poison to those who are unsure whether or not they want to commission into the regular army.

    In my experience, there are far too many conflicting trainsets in the OTC, with new members of the training team unsure of their position vis a vis day to day life in their former reg units and weekly life in the OTC. Unlike regular units I found the discipline of some OTCs to be truly shocking, especially in what should have been a military environment. For our lot this led to a rather large, and rather disaffected turnover.

    Personally, If I had passed my RCB prior to university I would have loved to have experienced other clubs that ran on tuesdays and weekends, namely fencing and parachuting. If one is unsure as to a future career in the army then I would personally recommend service in a local TA unit as a tom or a TASO/PO rather than in the OTC as an O/Cdt.

    Suffice to say, although there were a few sh1t moments in the OTC, I loved it generally. For the friends, for the service, for the booze and for the opportunities. Rock on sandbags...

  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I joined the OTC after I'd passed RCB and been awarded a bursary, largely because I was told to. It did lead to a few interesting things, like sport parachuting, and also enabled me to go on a six week attachment to Cyprus in the summer vacation but from a 'military' point of view it bore no relation to anything I've done since. I hooked myself up with my local TA Inf Bn in my second year and had a much more worthwhile and interesting time.
  6. I am beginning to wonder if Arrse simply attracts ex-otc types?
  7. Afraid so.. We are every where.
  8. QED it can't be that bad then?
  9. I wouldnt quite argue QED, but apparently ARRSE does attract a fair few OTC'ers. God Im bored of being at home, rock on the CC.
  10. you won't be saying that at the end of week one or even half way through when you're 72hrs into worst encounter..............enjoy

  11. In a fairly morbid way I am excited...but I'm sure that will be long gone 2 weeks in.