Does the NSC even exist any more?

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. Slightly sarcastic title, I know...

    I have been trying for weeks to contact the NRA/NSC about us "foreigners" and the competency certificates, i.e. how one acquires one if one is not resident in the UK.

    I sent an e-mail to Phyllis Farnan, since she appeared to be the most relevant person to ask, and I didn't want to spam everybody there.

    No response.

    I have tried to call multiple times, not just her but also the general enquiries desk.

    Nobody picks up.

    Have they been on holiday for weeks?

    Can anyone enlighten me?
  2. They're closed on a Monday.
    Range Office usually answer. The Regional Manager on x156 is pretty reliable too although you might have to leave an answer message.
  3. Try Martin Farnan as he is Director of Shooting and Phyliss does training (I think). If you are a member of a UK club, I don't see why you shouldn't be able to get your club chairman to sign you off, even if you are overseas, provided he can be made aware of your competency by someone suitable? In our club any NRA RCO can act as the competent person, they complete a review form and if the shooter passes the chairman signs them off.
  4. No, I'm not a member of a UK club for this purpose.

    I know they always were, but they really have become a complete and utter shaaaar [/terry thomas].
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Overseas visitors/competitors are supposed to carry a "Own nation cert of competence!"
  6. Err, which is what exactly? Membership card from the NRA-equivalent (KNSA - membership compulsory of course) is the only documentation we have!
  7. First of all, let's get something straight. The NRA is not there provide Shooter Certification for the members of other clubs/organisations. Shooter's clubs are supposed to do that. If your club is unable to do that then you certainly have a problem but it isn't the NRA's.

    If you are an 'Overseas Competitor' and wish to shoot on MoD ranges, have a read of this page.
  8. Double post.
  9. Thank you ... the authentic voice of Bisley!
  10. ... which contains NO relevant information for overseas competitors. The only remotely relevant thing is an overseas application PDF document which contains, amongst other things, a request for the club's NRA affiliation number, and a pass-fail tick box for various, unexplained categories. So, typically well-thought out then...

    Ever tried getting someone to sign you off on a foreign form in a foreign language for anything?
  11. That attitude is why the NRA is such a sack of sh1t.
  12. Quite... "information for overseas competitors" contains no information for overseas competitors, and the overseas competitors are told that THEY have a problem and it's more than the NRA's job's worth to assist them in any way to resolve it.

    Methinks a strongly-worded letter is brewing. I shall save unnecessary bother and just address it direct to:

    Martin Farnan's Secretary's Bin,
    Bisley Camp,

    If they were a professional organisation who cared for anything further away than their collective nose, they'd provide proper information for overseas competitors, contact persons (if necessary) in all the contries for which this has become an issue, and so on. Hardly rocket science, is it?
  13. Ooh, there's more, but it's buried at the bottom of the letter to clubs (so not easy to find then...):

    3. Foreign Shooters. All foreign shooters wishing to shoot on MoD ranges will be required to produce evidence that they have been certified as safe and competent by the relevant National Governing Body for shooting in their home country and sponsored by the NRA or a club affiliated to the NRA.

    ...of course with no info as to how to produce this evidence! AARGH!
  14. My point was, and still is, why do people who are not members of the NRA, believe that it is the NRA's job to do any of this?

    I'll say it again, it is an MoD requirement NOT the NRA's. The NRA has no responsibility other than to it's members and affiliated clubs.

    I really am not trying to start (or carry even) an argument here but, as a member, I pay subs to the NRA. Why should I subsidise non-members by the provision of services to them that they do not pay towards?
  15. And that, again, is exactly the problem with the NRA. The MoD set the requirement, true, but the NRA administers it. It therefore has a duty to, for instance, overseas competitors who wish to come and compete in NRA competitions at great expense (work out what the Imperial meeting costs, for instance).

    It is not the fault of overseas clubs that they can't comply with the usual system, since they are - get this - located abroad and regulated differently.

    All I expect is a single, easy to find publication explaining EXACTLY what is required of overseas competitors, what has to be sent to whom, and so on. It would take one person half an afternoon to produce and upload. The lack of this is clearly costing the NRA revenue in terms of overseas competitors no longer coming, so the argument that you would be subsidising this is spurious.