Does the Murdoch press knife your military at every chance?


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Rupert Murdochs UK rag 'The Sun' known to ARRSE as the 'scum' is notorious for its anti-military anti-soldier stories. These are characterised by lazy, stupid journalsim of the 'Sergeant Smith a senior officer in the elite Catering Corps blah blah blah' type. What especially irks is that the Scum often carries the banner: 'The Paper that supports our boys' whilst sticking the knife in at every turn.

Does the Murdoch press have it in for the military in your country?


I've asked around our Army here in Outer Jebrovia but all three of them say that they have never heard of this Murdoch.
Not just the press but also Murdoch/scum's tv media arm, Sky. Not a clue - they interviewed some loggie Brig live at RAF "somewhere" as pallets of compo were being loaded onto a civvy charter relief flight to go to the US in the wake of Katrina - "And now live over to RAF somewhere, where "RAF Brigadier" ***** (they got his name wrong too) can tell us about his planes..." Jeez.
Murdoch's mouthpiece is FOX News over in Spamlandia. Nose around the website for a bit (check "The O'Reilly Factor") and you'll see how much they fawn over Bush. The troops are an extension of that love; they're generally not hung out to dry.

The man knows which side his bread's buttered on in the U.S., that's for damn sure.

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