Does the MOD restrict keep lots of combat footage??

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Rogerio, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. Hey been watching alot of stuff about Afghan recently and have been wondering about helmet cam footage and the stuff that reporters etc get. There is alot of combat footage where people are firing at stuff or taking cover or doing this that or the other but i think i have only ever once seen enemy being fired at directly by riflemen on video and that was an old old clip from WW2

    I know its extremely unlikely that a cameraman would actually see a trooper shooting an enemy soldier on camera but i was wondering does the Mod hold material like that back as it is too graphic ??

    The only thing i have seen that was similar to this recently was a clip from a BBC program called Our War in which a Sgt from the Royal anglians actually shoots into a bush and then goes over and you see the dead enemy which was crazy to actually see a real life close range engagement like that.

    So anyways does anyone know if they do that sort of thing ??
  2. A friend of mine who is out in Afghanistan at the moment with the Guards said that the MoD are trying to stop the use of helmet cams.

    If you were unlucky enough to get the good news your kit would be boxed and your personal effects sent home. There may be footage that your parents/wives etc would not want to see. Especially if your cam was on when you were killed.

    I don't know if this is enforced or not however.
  3. Having just returned fromH16, the use of helmet cams was ok.
  4. helmet cam footage from kit such as the GoPro HD, apart from making the viewer sea-sick, might provide a useful insight into the circumstances of the contact, no? Are personal effects not still 'sanitized'?

    There are plenty of examples of 'contacts' that have been filmed available on the internet, if that is your bag. The (British) Army Combat Camera teams have captured quite a bit of this sort of stuff too but there would have to be a good reason for allowing it into the public domain.

    I filmed a bloke getting shot in the buttocks in Georgia - but that was by a Russian who was aiming at a vehicle. Does that help?

    There is also the classic 'captured insurgent propaganda film' that begins with a group of Jihadists preparing for an attack on a Brit convoy, the film shows them cheering and praising A****h, then mounting vehicles tooling along, dismounting and then laying an ambush. A firefight starts with heavy fire returned including plenty of shooting and shouting. The cameraman drops the camera, presumably having been killed. The last shot seen is an inquisitive Coalition soldier looking into the lens.
  5. Was that Georgia in '08? I would be interested to see that. Did you upload any footage?
  6. Don't shoot the messenger. I was only relaying what I was told.