Does the media say too much?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. If you look on any news website, newspaper or indeed on the MoD websites you can piece together a huge amount of information on the capabilities and whereabouts of many units of the British Army.

    Does the media speculate too much about how the forces may operate? A recent example would be the media storm surrounding Harry - and I saw in The Times today they have written a piece about him being "secretly deployed" elsewhere. No longer quite so secret. (No details or rumours concerning Harry to be posted or mods will be all over this thread...)

    So is too much information too readily available to those with an interest against the forces? The BBC speculated as to an attack on Goose Green, how it would happen, when etc. Do they still do the same with reference to Iraq and Afghanistan. Are tighter controls on the media possible/desirable?
  2. Yes! The media should wind their necks in, the politicial mongs should do something to get them to wind their necks in and the top end of our heirarchy needs to exert some pressure on them to this happening.

    How effective can the military be if we're under contant pressure to make sure we don't do anything that the armchair generals decide is not nice.
  3. He is in Canada, he got trolleyed. So what?

    The "meejia" are not going to go away. It's their bread and butter. Reporting on people in the army is their job, and they probably get paid very well for it, fair play to them.

    (I dunno if any of them are interested of photos of Liz the Nurse's tits, but I can give you a good price)

    Yours, As ever

    Sluggy xxx
  4. The media seem quite adept at publishing operational details. however they are only half as good when it comes to getting basic military facts straight...maybe they need to reverse these trends?
  5. The meejia didn't join the Army, they just decided to just talk about them. A lot.

    Cuddles, are you offering to run a course on "Basic Military Facts", like some poor buggers have to do "Media Studies"?
  6. Some basic equipment recognition wouldn't be amiss, like the difference between an MBT and CVR(T).
  7. Really as long as it sells newspapers or airtime the truth is what the media defines it as.

    If lives are put at risk due to poor OPSEC/PERSEC by the media in my opinion the editor should be brought to task. Both criminal and civil charges.

  8. Like Piers Morgan was?

    Currently pissing about with Ant and Dec? That Piers Morgan?

    We ain't going to win, they can publish whatever they like, we have no say in the matter.

    Unless someone bigger and braver can prove me wrong......