Does the FMT 600 mean anything?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by RobinHood, Feb 18, 2004.

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  1. Does the FMT 600 actually do anything? What the Army is saying is that you can hold a valad UK licence for a vehicle and still not be allowed to drive it in the Army until you have been 'famed up'.
    What would happen if u had an accident without that vehicle being on the 'FMT600'?
    Is it a decient idea or just more umbrellas being put up by senior officers?
  2. The FMT600 is a way of ensuring that drivers are only able to drive vehicles that they have had the appropriate training on. Not all that important if you're talking your average 'white fleet' vehicles, but consider that if you have a tracks licence and obtained that licence on the plant park driving a dozer that doesn't go over walking pace.... you are by law allowed to hop into a Chally 2 or a CVR(T) and go out on the public roads. Madness I think you'll agree.

    There are many other examples where holding a specific licence does not make somebody competent on all vehicles that need that licence. The army says that if you're not fammed on a vehicle and it's not entered on your 600 you can't drive it.

  3. The idea of the FMT 600 (Form, Motor Transport No.600) is that you have a record of which vehicles you are familiar with. Obviously you can drive if you have a drivers licence, but if you do your (for example) wolf conversion, then you should be taught where to put all the fluids on first parade, where to put the jack when changing a tire and where to attach the tow rope on recovery. Sounds pretty obvious, but actually quite a good idea really.
  4. So what happened in the days without the FMT600.
    One of the lads in the unit went through his test in a landrover and passed it. Now because he has not got it on his FMT600 he still cannot drive that type of vehicle. It will tie another driver up for 9 hours (if it is done correctly) to enter it on his FMT 600. I think this is madness.

    Also there is a space for a name, but not a signature on the new ones (rev 3/99) so anyone can enter any (fake) name and vehicle without a signature.
  5. Hood

    Not sure on how long you have been in, but the FMT600 has been around for quite some time. It is also there for deployed reasons, so those managing MT in theatre know you have all the right ticks, ie trained for local conditions, not just able to drive a car!

    Think of it more as an operators license and not a driving license. You are operating the equipment in the prevailing conditions and (often) not on the flat & level.

    Also, the MOD is a self-insuring body. Hence it can do what the hell it wants. I have, in the past, refused the issue of an FMT600, thus preventing someone with a valid license from driving mil vehicles. Standard practice when confronted by a 21 yr old scrote with 9 points!
  6. Go back to PPs answer - The FMT600 the Army's umbrella as an employer of persons operating dangerous equipment.

    They are responsible for training you on the type of equipment you are operating (be it a Land Rover to a Chally). They can prove this by issuing a record of this training.

    When you drive a Chally through Mrs Browns house and claim that you have never been correctly instructed in the correct operation of a Challenger - the Army can say 'Oh yes you have'. :D :D
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  7. I got my FMT 600 mid 70's :D and they wern't new then either.
    and BH is right FMT 600 is not a licence, it is a form mechanical transport :D hence the FMT bit
  8. Ex - You were in when they swapped FHT600 (Form Horse Transport) for a new fangled FMT600 (Steam and Internal Combustion Vehicles)
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  9. Yeah , and the POL point was a hay stack etc :D
  10. The hay at the POL point was not just for refuelling the horses, it filled your palliase by night and became your bed.

  11. can someone make this smiple for me, if your working in a army camp, but not in the army, do you need to have a F/MT 600 to drive the pool car? which is for all personnel to use to travel to different locations for work purpose. :roll:

  12. caz

    1: Are you employed by the MoD? Therefore, are you an MoD Civil Servant?

    2: What is the vehicle in question?

    3: Do you have it on your civvy license?

    4: Are you driving it anyway?

    Suggest you find the MTO for the unit & chat to them. It is their vehicle after all. Make them earn their pay!
  13. I worked with the Germans for a few years and had to have a conversion course to drive a VW Golf Car. It was over 12 years old and painted green.
  14. The answer is yes, you do need an FMT600 to drive a military vehicle (of any type, even a car) even if it's a hire car arranged for you by movments. That goes if you are military, civil servant or just employed by the MoD on a long or a short contract. Full stop.
    Simple enough for you? :D
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't there paperwork at the MTO's end duplicating the information entered on a particular drivers FMT600 hence avoiding RH's fraud tactic ?