Does the Corps have Regtl & Queens Colours?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Invicta, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. I was asked recently by an Infantry Officer if the Int Corps has a Regtl and Queen's colour. I had to reply that I didn't know for sure, but I suspected that we didn't.

    I took part in the last freedom of Ashford parade and have watched numerous Templer passing out parades on the carpark outside Abbot's. I don't remmeber seeing any colours being carried on any of these. Does anyone know if we have any, or are Regtl and Queen's colours something that are exclusive to the teeth arms?
  2. No - we are a Corps. We do have a banner - including one laid up in St James Garlickhythe, London.

    Traditionally the Queen's (or King's if the monarch is male) and Regimental colours acted as a rally point on the field of battle for the troops. The Regimental battle honours are normally carried on the colours. The Corps don't have battle honours as we are generally at every battle but not actually involved in the front line fighting (although as a CS arm we get close these days.).
  3. As I suspected then. Cheers Mrs R
  4. But like the Gunners on the gun-park, it used to be customary to salute the Chinagraphs in the cupboard on arriving in the office each morning.
  5. Giving the brew area a quick eyes right when passing counts as well I think. :)
  6. I understand the origins of this tradition may lie at Plymouth, where the Section have the annual "Trooping of the coffee boat", each Corps day
  7. If only to see how many of the staff are there at any given time.
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Interestingly, this complements the Corps' tradition of rolling the eyes skywards when the section OC arrives in the office each morning.
  9. Disgraceful, only the sproggiest LCpl should ever be seen in the brew area! Obviously supervised to prevent those "special" teas and coffees being produced.
  10. Would this be the sproggy one pip wonder OC who isn't normally allowed out without a LCpl to supervise him/her?
  11. There is also the bi-annual 'roll out of the 9x9 tent and hunt for the apexes', and traditional 'laying of musty cam nets on busy car parks'. This may also coincide with the 'Trooping of the Battle boxes'.

    These parades are not to be confused with the now defunct 'dash to get LR signed off by REME's' and 'fiddling of veh docs' which were conducted to the tune of the Benny Hill Show, or Billy Smarts Circus depending on the section...
  12. Along with hiding un-booked in secret docs in the boot of the car when a sy inspection was due... :roll: