Does the British Army except IGCSE's as opposed to Normal GSCE's?

I want to join the REME but don't have the grades to go in. I am currently studying for IGCSE's, I am just wondering if the Recruitment team except these as opposed to normal GCSE's. I am British and was a bit of a rogue in school, hense I didn't get the grades I need now to join the REME. Speaking to Tutors they say IGCSE's are becoming more popular and they also say they aren't equivalent qualifications, though they are worth the 'equivalent' to a GCSE. Could you help me out if you know please? Cheers.
As your a bit of a rogue may I suggest you do something particularly daring and "radical" and get in touch with your local recruitment office?
I think you mean "accept" not "except".

Now ask your recruiter.