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Does the ARRSE Outrageometer go up to 11?

Mine goes up to 20, although I fail to see the Army relevance of this post?
OK we have to take the Daily Shite will a fair amount of salt. So let us not get outraged just yet. Even in our shite system the worst the idiots could try to pin on the poor sod is manslaughter.

How do we write this guy up for an OBE?


Book Reviewer
Outragedometer = 10
Hooray one theiving cnut lessometer = 100+
Actually, I've recently had mine recalibrated and it just seems to start at eleven now.

Good luck to the bloke; he's going to need it.

In Septicland, it's quite common for the families of these scrotes to sue those who have killed or injured their assailants during an attack.

Coming to a High Street near you soon.....
Before all the naysayers leap in with the "it's in the Daily Mail so obviously a distortion of the truth" line, this has also been reported elsewhere (even on the BBC).

I understand that the Police would need to establish the facts of the case, and I trust that the file that they refer to the CPS will say 'no further action, self-defence'. It looks as though Mr Singh should be given a commendation for his bravery in the face of an armed criminal.

Edited to say: 'Jesus, must learn to type more quickly than the bl**dy nay-sayers'
If he was a "career criminal" then surely he was only doing his job??? ;)
I´m not Plod, RMP or SIB, so I can´t give a qualified opinion on the in´s and out´s of the law on this one, but reading it through the guy got what he deserved and Mr Singh deserves a medal...........

Perhaps the case automatically gets forwarded to the CPS if there´s a fatality and THEY decide whether it´s self-defence. The Plod may have their hands tied on this one.

As quoted in the paper: "Those who live by the sword die by the sword"

Will keep the Outrageometer at 0 to 1 at the moment and see what the CPS come up with !

IF the CPS come up with anything other than self-defence then the meter may well hit 12 :twisted:
smudge67 said:
If he was a "career criminal" then surely he was only doing his job??? ;)
Its a Health and Safety at Work matter in that case.
Certa_Cito said:
Will keep the Outrageometer at 0 to 1 at the moment and see what the CPS come up with !
Indeed. Assuming the Mail is reporting this matter straight, this could be an opportunity here to demonstrate that circumstances DO matter, and that (without condoning vigilante justice) sometimes a particular outcome is an unfortunate but direct consequence of someone's choice to break the law.
Oh FFS. A man died so there has to be an investigation (well this side of the pond anyway). It will look into Mr Singhs actions. If he was defending himself or there was an accident while he lawfully protected himself then he will rightly not be found guilty. If he got one in on a scrote after the danger had passed - murder.

The investigation establishes the facts and the CPS decide if there is a case to answer. I hope justice comes out. If Mr Singh did nothing wrong then I hope he is exonerated and praised.
If the reporting is accurate, the police should be fcuking ashamed of themselves. They already had a warrant out for the arrest of a known dangerous criminal. Mr Singh had knife wounds to his neck and yet they treat him as a criminal rather than a victim. Fair enough they have a duty to investigate the death of this little scrote but they could be a little more sympathetic and they have discretion about what they charge someone with. Murder is clearly inappropriate.
This career criminal should be charged with carrying an offensive and dangerous weapon, failure to observe health and safety, not protecting the weapon so as to cause any injury, failing to give a warning, stabbing without permission, using a weapon in a manner likely to cause injury, breaking and entering the assailants skin, assault, ........ bugger, he's dead, isn't he

Nurse !!
theoriginalphantom said:
smudge67 said:
If he was a "career criminal" then surely he was only doing his job??? ;)
Its a Health and Safety at Work matter in that case.
I guess Mr. Kilroe fcuked up on his risk assessment then!

Ha Ha.
well, the brazilian was a health and safety matter, so why not?

Who put the flowers out?
robbers r us fan club??
The only thing that's outraging me is that this scum was only taken off the streets by an accident! Where are our Latin-American stylee death squads?

As for the lad himself, I can say without fear of contradiction: "Hahahhahahahahahahahahah!"
"......But Lancashire Police are now sending a file to the CPS for lawyers to consider whether murder, manslaughter or assault charges should be brought against him....."

typical Daily Mail - decide on the story with no regards to the facts. No decision has been reached - and it should be reached on any available evidence - not on supposition and speculation
Blogg said:
What a load of shit, the guy should get a pat on the back!

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