does the army take on cons

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bobferal, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. does the army take on ex cons ?
  2. I doubt it. What did you do?
  3. depends on how long ago , how serious a crime etc etc

    explain ?
  4. Indeed, it all depends on what you did. If you have done time though chances are that you are NOT suited to army life I.E. you are a lying, cheating, thieving granny buggerer.
  5. Looking at your previous posts, you're already an ex-squaddie?
  6. didnt say i wanted to join just asking about policy
  7. I know the RAMC frowns on pickpockets, graverobbers and those who indulge in nechrophelia, they'll do a check on you, no thieves, or pervs.
    Well that's the way it used to be anyway, don't know what it's like now, but they were very strict on that kind of thing.The other outfits I can't comment on, but I'm sure you would get in, it depends what you've been up too? You could always lie, it would'nt be the first time.
  8. The Rehabilitation of offenders act is very complex and is dealt with on the recruiters course and in RI's at lenght. There is also a matter of waiting periods and a case of spent and unspent convictions to take into account which also account to if you were under 18 at he time. Its extremely complex and needs the recruiter to work out but if you have been in nick means most the time a FO tablet.

    Speak to the ACIO for further info
  9. You sound like a shifty begger to me, I'm checking my pockets when I get home, no offence!
  10. Lie thats a good idea but that would bring us to the same level as a politician we would be in a mess
  11. I thought it was compulsory for us in the RAMC, don't tell me I've been getting it wrong all these years...
  12. Go back through history, all sorts of horse fondlers and loony types have been recruited, including kids, drunks, druggies, and those who indulge in the most frightful perversions known to man, and sheep! when push comes to shove, it's not as saintly as some would make out, of course it depends if we are at war are not, and let's be honest we mostly are, and some of the bravest men who ever joined up, were also the maddest, so yeah crooks? well there would have been thousands of them.
  13. The Army's currently full of cons, it's pros that it's short of.

    Disillusioned, Bedford.
  14. The Infantry will take pretty much anybody who can pass the physical and medical tests. If you weren't in Broadmoor, and haven't been done for a sexual offense, racial offense or serious drug dealing you will have a chance of being enlisted. Apparently it helps if your sins occurred some time ago and you can demonstrate proper motivation and a currently law abiding lifestyle.

    I encountered systematic criminality amongst soldiers who had supposedly been recruited with clean records so I doubt if a bit of form will make too much difference. Sometimes the army can straighten out a yob or small time delinquent and make them into a human being who deserves respect. Sometimes a little shit is simply made into a slightly bigger version of a little shit, does some more damage and finishes up back on the scrapheap in Chavland.

    Under certain circumstances I would recomend an ex con to try the army. They might enlist you and you might make a go of things but there are no magic solutions. The army is like any other place - you will generally only get out of it what you bring to it.
  15. In which case a career in politics is recommended!