Does the army still charge CILOCT

Does the army still charge CILOCT for married unacc soljas,I knew it was a very low charge 3 yrs ago but I need to know because I am about to pick up an old battle with my local council again.

They charge me full uk council tax and wont give me a discount when i tell them I live alone (hubby posted overseas).They say that my uk address is his main residence when im damn sure it isnt as he is a serving soldier living in barracks posted in Germany.If its his main residence then why isnt he sleeping here every night :)

Stupid local MP agreed with councils decision too.

A 25% discount is worth fighting for in my opinion.

edited...nevermind damn council still say NO was worth phoning up again.


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Had the same battle a couple of years ago with South Staffs council and lost. I was out of ammo and down to my last cheese sandwich when I raised the white flag. Money grabbing t*ssers.



Why dont you say that you are seperated?
If you dont then claim any more benefits then surely that will lower your council tax.

I know its not the point, but it may save you money.


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This doesn't make sense to me. Instead of you taking it up with the council to get your 25% discount I think that your hubsand should be taking it up with his RAO to stop paying ciloct.

I am married unacc in UK and I don't pay ciloct to the Army.

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