Does the 8 year bonus still come with JPA?

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Smudge-Rare-Name, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. Before the days of JPA I was expecting to get a nice fat 8 year bonus Cheque next month. Does anyone know if the 8 year bonus still comes even though JPA is now making our lives easier?
  2. Yes, and you still have to sign for it.
    Speak to your HR staff who will in turn get the relevant paperwork for you to sign.

  3. Champion
    Will Do
    Thanks for the info!
  4. APC no longer churn out the proforma, it's done at unit level, the clerks should maintain a database on all personnel eligiable at the various eligiability points and call people forward when required.
  5. Shouldn't the individual come to you when he thinks he qual's. Self service and all that.Dont you think we do enough. And although the system (JPA) could be better, it is defo the way ahead for the guys on the other side of the counter and for us now Administrators. They can then see how long it takes to enter a claim, a leave pass etc. etc. We may even start walking out the door the same time as everyone else. Wont happen but there is a chance.
  6. Yep, totally agree, it's something that I will bring up with our SPS Branch on our JPA Interim Operational Inspection next year (Old MFPI).


  7. I would have expected that JPA might deliver that information directly to the soldier. Something along the lines of a screen informing him of up and coming events such as when he qualifies for a bonus, or enters and drops out of a promotion zone.

    That information should then be available to OCs who can provide career guidance to their soldiers.

    Dear LCpl Litotes,

    You qualify for your 8 year committal bonus on....

    Your last CR was graded C3 which means that you will never be promoted.

    Your End of Service Date is ...


  8. you can download the commitment bonus form from the SPVA Infocentre.

    its on the ops bulletin page under the 'pay' drop down. you can open the form in microsoft word, print it out, fill in your part of the form, get your unit to fill their part out then get them to send it to the address on the form.
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