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Does smoking really make you look hard and old?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jimnicebutdim, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Yes it is evil and all smokers should be burnt at the stake

  2. Its not very nice, but people are overreacting by blaming all the worlds ills on the humble tab

  3. Smoking is great and all the health Nazis are cnuts

  1. Can fellow Arrsers please help settle an argument which is raging across my office at the moment....

    Is smoking really the activity of Satan or is it something that has been seized by health nazis?
  2. No, it makes you smell like a taxi drivers seat, turns your walls yellow, your teeth green and look like Dot Cotton
  3. I set fire to an old woman once, she smoked, and thrashed, very satisfying.
  4. Yes def

    Snogging a smoker is disgusting. :puker:

    My friends my age who smoke have sh*tloads more wrinkles than me
  5. I smoke and wish I didn't just trying to work up the balls to quit, it's not big and it's not clever in fact it's just expensive and minging
  6. Wedgy, completely agree. Giving up isn't going to be easy but I do want to which is the first step, or so I've been told! Plus the Long-haired General truly hates it!
  7. You've had a face lift then?
  8. Give up! I dropped a 20 a day habit too get asthma!

    I wish i'd have kept on with the tabs
  9. Smoked since I was fourteen, and four months back (i'm 25 now) decided to quit. I used nicotene gum to deal with the cravings. People argue against nicotene replacement therapy saying it's replacing one addiciton with another, but at least NRT gets rid of all the tar and chemicals that cig's contain. They really helped, and, one my first attempt to quit, I have no intention of starting up again. Running is easier, I've knocked two minutes off my 1.5 mile run (which is probably half down to increased self belief and self confidence), gym work is easier, I have shed loads more energy I don't smell and i've saved loads of dosh to spend on crack instead.

    Never thought of it as an evil habit, although you can't argue against it's anti social and unhealthy downfalls, but it makes me wonder how many of those people who berate smokers about the damage to the smokers health actually do any excercise themselves, or how concerned they are about their health. It's a big bandwagon, the anti smoking one.
  10. Well have a look at make your own mind up.
  11. The problem is the next steps the hard one! I even went as far to go to a stop smoking clinic once which involved me feeling like a right c**k sat in a circle tormented for an hour by what I can only describe as American style group therapy! I'm aiming for when they ban smoking in public next year as d-day as if I can't smoke when I'm drinking I think it'll be 100 times easier !!

    P.S. well done Morty
  12. Smoking is , thesedays, the preserve of Chav birds.
    If you are not a Chav bird, it makes you look like a gay looser.

    save your money for beer and hookers, you know it makes sense!
  13. Any suggestions for other vices to replace the dreaded cancer sticks?
  14. W@nking

    I just went cold turkey.