Does smoking Cigars effect running and cardio exercise?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Four, Feb 9, 2011.

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  1. As well as your lungs? I stopped smoking a few weeks ago but really enjoyed smoking and the taste of cigars but I don't smoke due to trying to get fitter. Is smoking cigars going to make it harder to get fit or not? cheers
  2. Is this a f#cking wah !
  3. Yes......................
  4. Is this a wah?

    Of course it will hinder your fitness. Less than smoking cigarrettes maybe (most cigar smokers smoke less and inhale less deeply) but still not a healthy choice.
  5. No I seriously want to know. I don't smoke fags anymore so I wanted to know if Cigars screwed you up the way Cigarettes do?
  6. But you don't "Take in" the smoke with a cigar?
  7. I'm the same, quit the cigarettes but still like the odd cigar. Only problem i have is i end up smoking the cigar like a bloody cigarette and end up proper fucked the next morning
  8. Yeah, the burning ash gets in your eyes as you run.
  9. Did it fcuk your fitness?
  10. I took up smoking a pipe a few years ago, whilst I loved the flavour the lung butter I was coughing up made me pack it in. So in answer to your question stop being a prick.:)
  11. Ok no lung butter for me then!
  12. Just to be clear most of the damaging compounds in cigarrette smoke are also found in cigar smoke. There may be a benefit to switching to proper leaf-wrapped long-filler cigars in that they are more of a natural product and have less chemical additives.

    If you must smoke cigars then do as I do and only smoke very expensive ones very occasionally.
  13. Give up all smoking now whilst you are still young enough. Why increase the risk of throat or mouth cancer ?
  14. By the way, you DO take in the smoke with a cigar. You may not inhale as deeply but you are, nonetheless, exposing yourself to a cocktail of poisons and carcinogens. Your chances of getting deep lung tissue damage may be lessened slightly but your chances of mouth, nose and throat damage (including cancer) remain the same.

    If you are serious about improving your fitness stop making excuses (I suggest you alreday knew the answer to your own question). Stop smoking altogether and while you are at it cut down on alcohol too.
  15. You should give the self abuse the heave-ho as well. It may send you blind. I'm over here.