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Does size really matter?

In the Army that is.

I'm 18 years old now and Ive been thinking of joining up for sometime but will my application be put to the bottom of the pile due to my build? Which is more lean then brick shit house, so basically will my chances off getting in be any less because I don't have a good physical appearance?

Also I have one more year of college left, would joining the TA while I'm there be a good idea so it gives me abit of experience in what I might go through in the Army?
Body type doesn't matter. Passing the physical tests does.

Join the TA if you wish - it will give you some experience, however it is by no means necessary. I'd spend your last year in college trying to get balls-deep in as many nubile 18 year olds as you can.
Don't worry some of the skiniest ******* outside of Ethiopia are found in green, also, RLC some of the fattest ***** outside of Texas.

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