Does Scotland still have a national football team?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Myss, Nov 17, 2004.

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  1. Or do they always seem to lose?

    England's match form isn't brilliant (esp losing tonight) but its not as bad either. When was the last time Scotland won a game?

    Quote from Tommy Burns:
    Naaahhhhhh you don't say.

    Putting on my devils advocates's hat :twisted: "I'm sure Scotland is a wonderful team, with one or two strong talented players..... perhaps being let down by the weaker ones. Beautiful country too."
  2. Scotland will never have a decent natioanl team with that Mickey Mouse, two team league. They need to bring youngsters through, and I know Celtic are trying, but they never get to play against quality oposition in the scottish league, and in the same breath they aren't good enough to play in the premiership :lol:

    So in short - No they don't.
  3. We are shite
    We are shite
    We are shite

  4. Yeah , good job the english premier isn't a mickey mouse two team league , eh !

    i'm sure chelsea and arsenal cant stop looking over their shoulders :roll:

    seriously though , England were played off the park by a better side , Scotland just got what is becoming a regular humping from an average team.

    note for young mr. Rooney. you don't throw black armbands away because you've been subbed for playing like the thuggish little shaved chimp scouse c-unt that you are.
  5. Scotland is about where they deserve in the footballing world IMHO, and yes i am a porridge wog! but England will have the same problems eventually if they don't stop fillling their own league teams with johhny foreigner.Also i think Scotlands population is very similar to Londons :wink: so maybe the choice is not as good to find good players.

    No excuse to get beaten by country's with less population than Scotland though :cry: but it's still a puffy sport :wink:
  6. Does anyone actually give a sh1t?
  7. Scotland...wait...don't tell's a small Island off the coast of Madagasca and it doesn't have a foot ball team because the country can't afford a ball....used to have two teams Reltic and Cangers...but they interbred or that right..what do I win..
  8. You what?!! :D
  9. you heard me the 1st time :D
  10. Black and scot?
  11. lol no gwar and Scot now behave :lol:
  12. what the eff is gwar!!? :lol:
  13. Ya Bass!!!!!! :evil:
  14. lol !!A fellow scot here!!
  15. sure your a fellow? 8O :wink: