Does Scarlett have a dark sense of humour????


[align=center]The secret Downing Street memo

MI6 boss 'tried to sex up' Iraq study [/align]

[align=justify]I mentioned in another thread that I was reading the Seven Pillars, it contained a classic quote that makes me think could it be that Scarlett and Blair are really playing a sinister practical joke on the Neo-Cons? Lawrence writes...

"We could see that a new factor was needed in the East, some power or race which would outweigh the Turks in numbers, in output, and in mental activity. No encouragement was given us by history to think that these qualities could be supplied ready-made from Europe. The efforts of European Powers to keep a footing in the Asiatic Levant had been uniformly disastrous, and we disliked no Western people enough to inveigle them into further attempts."[/align]

...irony of ironies this appeared on page 56.

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