Does resignation work

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. Not in main thread of resignation of General - don't want to drag that off track
    There has been much comment here re bosses not resigning or making a loud fuss. Prince of Darkness was main target.
    OK - now one has gone. So - what will his sacrifice gain. Any ideas or is answer to wait and see?
  2. no feelings of regret?

    a bit more credibility because he resigned, instead of being drone and b1tching later.
  3. Here is an interesting take on things. I will wait for jim30 to come to the defence of the chairs :wink:

  4. Until there's no one left to fill the gaps I doubt they'll really give a jot in the scheme of things.
  5. It would take the resignation of both the CGS and the CDS to have any effect and only if their subordinates refused to take up their vacant appointments.

    It would place cyclops in an untenable position.
  6. Don't think untenable would bother him, he may decide to take over the whole shooting match, well Lord Mandlething of here there and everywhere would that is
  7. So what if a lot of the top notchers decided to go, there is a precedent that happened in Ireland many years ago when many high ranking officers threatened resignation over some policy the Govt of the day was adopting, shit hit the fan and things got smoothed over with out said policy being fully implemented. Dunno the full sequence of events but it certainly caused a fuss, (The King was Very upset and Cross with the Govt)
  8. The Curragh Mutiny?

    Government sugested that the Army would have to be used to control Loyalist violence when Home Rule was imposed on Ireland. Army Officers decide they don't want to, all threaten to/actually do resign (I forget which). Home Rule quietly shelved as four million heavily armed Germans hove into view through Belgium.
  9. Surely, there is more to this story. Why would he retire if he had such a promising career. Some time in the future, his real reasons for leaving will become known. As is often the case, a better opportunity on civvie street is the reason. In recent years we have seen cases where "promising" officers have left in protest, and that sounds so idealistic, but, in reality, they leave for the most mundane reasons.
  10. Resignation does not work for anyone I can think of (Churchill excepted).

    I don't get it, 3 months in post - only big 'personal reasons' would lead you to blow your General's pension (MUCH better than a Brigadiers) and the Boarding School Allowance.

    'to spend more time with my family' is the term politicians use - 'personal reasons' you know that pension & BSA are the two biggest 'personal reasons' that would have kept me in until I had done 2 years in sub rank.

    I do not get it.