Does rank really matter

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by themaadone, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. Well, here is one thread that will be a bone of content!!!

    I believe, tha many a senior rank is thick as pig poo!

    Therefore the junior soldier, even the senior soldier, being "overlooked" for promotion.

    Not just that, you will hear me say, the man can also spell...

    Well, that is the sorry fact at my place; don't get me wrong, I am not expecting promotion, what I know will come is a medical discharge and I say"bring it on".

    I will have a decent pension also a lump sum, there's nothing that scares me.......

    Last night a friend, and I mean friend, told me his story and it reeked of vicitmisation but he would bot see sense and claim victimisation. He has a prous scots regiment heritage and that I respect!

    This guy will leave the service as a 22 year private and is clever, intelligent and fun! Doesn't start fights BUT spea2ks his mind....

    This army has gone down the pan.
  2. Is that 'bone of content' as in bone of contention?
  3. Obviously, by the standard of spellun displayed in the first post he considers himself ready for senior rank.

    Maybe his friend has been picked on and bullied for the entire 22 years of his career and thus denied the promotions he rightly deserved.

    On the other hand it might be that his friend was not worthy of promotion, but recognised the fact and was willing to stay in for 22 years.
  4. 22 years as a private - is he in the Irish Army? I thought we had MCPs?
  5. Not quite sure I follow this, all the senior ranks in a regiment could be confirmed as clinically stupid and this would still not detract from a junior's ability to gain promotion. In other words the intelligence or lack of, of a Sgt will not affect a Cpl on his promotion board.

    As for you friend, if you believe he has genuinely been victimised, and he believes this as well - then there may be an element of truth to it and he owes a duty to himself and to those around him to ensure that this behaviour is nipped in the bud. It is not acceptable that a soldier who has been subjected to victimisation should not redress the matter on the basis of his perceived need to protect his regiment's heritage. There is nothing to be proud of in a Unit that exercises this behaviour.

    Of course, it may be the case that a soldier who completes 22 years as a private, and doesn't start fights but speaks his mind, is another way of saying that he is genuinely rubbish, quite enjoys gobbing off in order to provoke a fight and deserves everything he gets.

    But I don't know him and I'm sure he is genuinely hard done by.
  6. You haven't quite sobered up yet have you?
  7. Now now Biccies, just coz you were raised on Buckie and have a high tolerance... :D

  8. I recall a 22 year Pte from 2 Para on his final interview in the mid 80's;

    CO: 'What are you going to do Pte *******?'

    Pte: 'I'm thinking of becoming a lion tamer sir'

    CO: 'A lion tamer? What experience do you have?

    Pte: '22 years in this f****** circus with you clowns, sir!'
  9. I've just sprayed my screen with coke! P155ed myself laughing!
  10. I like that one. I might come out with that one next time someone asks me that bone question, however, I think I would make a good traffic warden.

    Bickies, you know what you will have to do to stop me giving you a ticket.

    Beeeeee, I suggest you go back and edit your spelling mate.
  11. Your friend dale is the sort of irritating dick that always speaks his mind and has nothing good to say and is bitter and twisted, and the fact that he is 25 stone and been on the sick for the past 22 years might be part of the problem
  12. Can't.....stop......the.......pedantry...... ahhgggg......taking.......over......

    Therefore what?

    Jaysus what's "a bone of content"

    Rambling streams of conciousness style diatrabes with no structure, point or merit should be on Booker prize lists not on Arrse.

    Show again with Argument unfecked up.
  13. Oh dear.

    Bone content. Yes.

    As opposed to you who comes across as being very clever.


    You'll not hear that from us.

    Sooner rather than later one hopes.

    No idea what you are saying there. It's utter gibberish.

    Clever, funny and intelligent. So what?

    So is Hugh Grant. Doenst mean to say he's suitable to command or be responsible for others does it?

    If the guy was intelligent, you'd think he would have clocked the fact he was still a pte after 12 years and moved on to a more suitable career. Tescos perhaps?

    Reshow argument.
  14. Just what you want in an NCO! You strange little man.
  15. Yes but we also need Battalion Sports Storemen.