Does Pippa Middleton "smoulder" in scarlet?!

Does Pippa "smoulder" in scarlet?

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I would 'touch' her, but i agree with the comment she isn't all that special, attractive enough but not to the extenet the papers seem to portray her, likewise her sister, very pretty but there are plenty of 'ordinary' lasses (and some she'men seemingly) out there, that are much prettier.


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I'd do her so I could murmur "Your sisters better" as I had my post coital fag.
She's above average attractiveness, IMO, and the writer of that comment reads too many tabloids if they're fed up with the hype.

Truly, the jealousy of ugly lesbians knows no bounds.
She's an attractive enough girl but I've seen prettier girls working in supermarkets, the obsession is a bit silly, yeah she's got a nice bum but it's not the best i've ever seen.


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That's not scarlet.That is crushed raspberry.But that would bugger up their illiteration I suppose.
It's f~~king dark pink, 'scarlet' is just dark red, lets keep it simple and not let woman appear superior to us by appeasing them making up colours.
Are you two into interior decorating and soft furnishings?? ;-)

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