Does phase 1 training count towards your pension?

Quick question, which I seem to be struggling to get a coherent answer for: Does your pension accrual start on the day you commence training or on the day you pass out?
If you are an AFPS 75 member (joined before 6 April 2005 and did not opt to transfer to the new pension scheme) your service counts from your 18th birthday if you are an Other Rank and your 21st birthday if you are an officer. Days for which you are AWOL or on some sort of unpaid leave do not count for pension.

If you joined on or after 6 April 2005, or opted to transfer to the new pension scheme, every day of paid service counts irrespective of age.

I hope this is useful.
Sorry, perhaps I should have been more specific.

Does an officer's pension date start from the day he starts Sandhurst or the day he commissioned?

In the old system you used to have a soldier's number for your time at RMAS and then get an officer's number on commissioning. Does this have any impact?

Many Thanks

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